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James Wonder

A seasoned veteran in innovating with technology, James has worked with almost every programming language, database, search technology and has built large back-end and online systems for an array of customers throughout his 30+ year career. Most recently he has turned to focusing on innovating with NoSQL.

Having consulted privately, he started with the American Institute of Physics in 1993 and grew their online system to be the premier online service, known as Scitation,sm built on MarkLogic technology, before deciding to work for the leading Enterprise NoSQL database. As Managing Technical Director for MarkLogic, James leads development teams to build world-class applications for Fortune 500 companies.

Data needs to serve Business Requirements not the other way around. When dealing with disparate data from a multitude of sources, Agile Modeling is a new approach that works better than relational modeling. Technologists need to learn it -- even if it's outside their comfort zones.
The contrast between scholarly and for-profit publishers has lessened; all publishers of information, regardless of discipline, face the same issues and problems: Getting the content to the correct audience first, faster and in a flexible way.