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John Pilat

John Pilat is the longest-serving MarkLogic OG and he has 50 years in the computer industry. His undergraduate work was at MIT in History and Electrical Engineering and he also has a master’s degree in Management from MIT Sloan School.

John has had 20 years with minicomputer maker Data General in a variety of software, hardware, and management roles, followed by 10 years with Oracle as VP of its HP Products Division and as VP of Software Engineering in Server Technologies. After retiring from Oracle, John joined MarkLogic (Cerisent at the time) as our first head of Engineering from 2003-2005, and has served as part-time employee, advisor and consultant subsequently.

This not-too-technical article covers a number of questions about MarkLogic Server and its use of memory. Learn more about how MarkLogic uses memory, why you might need more memory, when you need more memory, and how you can add more memory.