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James Kerr

James Kerr is a Senior Technical Director for MarkLogic Consulting Services with a focus on supporting MarkLogic partners as they build new and exciting products and solutions on MarkLogic. During his 10 plus years at MarkLogic, James has been in the trenches with MarkLogic customers building systems that solve some of the world’s most complex data problems. Whether it’s working with the US government, large commercial companies, non-profit organizations or software product companies, James has seen it all. This gives him a unique perspective to be able to help MarkLogic’s services and technology partners successfully deliver solutions built using MarkLogic.

James’s technical career spans diverse areas including precise timing systems, military command and control, digital mapping, e-commerce, distributed computing platforms, search, system integration, and Big Data applications.

Combining Esri's best-of-breed geospatial capabilities with the MarkLogic Data Hub platform allows organizations to analyze and visualize location information with any shape of data, such as structured, unstructured, and semantic, all in real-time and in a highly secure data platform.