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Frank Rubino

Frank first joined MarkLogic in 2006 after a ten year career as a Computer Scientist at Adobe Systems, building collaboration, XML, and data-driven features for Creative Suite. At MarkLogic he was a Senior Principle Consultant, working for customers like Pearson, HMH, Publishers Press, McGraw-Hill and Congressional Quarterly. He left MarkLogic to serve as CTO at Spectrum Chemical & Laboratory Products, where he led an Oracle EBS migration, and an e-commerce website re-architecture that used MarkLogic for content-marketing. After Spectrum, he was Executive Director of Technology and UX at Kaplan Publishing, where he built a mobile content delivery platform for 200,000 students. In 2011, he rejoined MarkLogic and took a Solutions Director role, where he enjoys a mix of development, architecture, and sales projects. He tweets at @xmlnovelist.

With the community tool Envision for MarkLogic Data Hub, you can create a semantically enriched Entity Services data model for your Data Hub by simply drawing graphs.
Team JavaScript helps Santa modernize by building out a Secret Santa MVP in MarkLogic. Gone are the days of pulling names out of a hat!
As someone with 2 children in college, I welcome President Obama’s free tuition proposal. College tuition is a financial hurdle that becomes, in many cases, a debilitating family debt burden. Will free tuition get more kids to college? As sure as free training has filled MarkLogic developer classes. As some have pointed out, tuition is not the whole problem […]
When a guy drags his overcoat across your sandwich, a crowded train is usually a bit overwhelming. However, I was recently riding a packed Acela from a customer’s site in Boston and had a good chat with my seatmate, who worked in a non-profit organization. Her job was to guide first-generation college-students through an unfamiliar landscape of […]
Several of the MarkLogic Media customers I work with are creating Learning Management Systems (LMSs) this year, yet they are not actually in the Education Publishing business. They haven’t built their companies on Algebra I. No, they’ve been publishing manufacturing standards, or cookbooks, or management training manuals –information that demonstrably curious people (their subscribers) really […]
Bringing in a new technology requires a workplace evolution — that if done carefully, avoids the revolution! My work in Consulting at MarkLogic brings me into daily contact with our customers, so I’m often asked for the “real” scoop on how each uses our product – -and lessons that can be learned. Over the next several […]
At the Big Software Company where I used to work, my 60 colleagues and I built our entire project every night, and nobody was allowed to check in broken code. At any moment there was a complete functional application that passed all regression tests. It was my first Agile, as beautiful as synchronized swimming. And […]