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Fiona Ehret-Kayser

July 8, 2017
MarkLogic enables Life Sciences companies to integrate all of their disparate data sets, harmonize the data, and discover new relationships among it—making it an ideal database platform for accelerating real world evidence. Learn how a multinational Fortune 50 company achieved time and cost benefits by developing a metadata catalog to more quickly find valuable assets …
I recently had a chance to catch-up with Bill Fox, MarkLogic’s new Vice President of Health Care and Life Sciences, to ask for his thoughts on a special Healthcare IT briefing he recently attended at the White House. According to Bill, the Administration is calling on technology companies to get involved in the development of fast, […]
Product, people and customer challenges – Amey Dhavle gives us an inside glimpse of a day in the life of his world as a Principal Field Engineer at MarkLogic and discusses why he’s still excited about the NoSQL database company after years of employment. While “It’s definitely not a two guys, a garage and dog setup … […]
As discussed in my last post, The Quality and Communication Critical to Patient-Centered Care, one of the main technology barriers to providing patient-centered healthcare is the painfully common conundrum that patient data is often housed in a number of disparate systems across multiple locations. To ensure the quality of care mandated by healthcare reform requires close […]
As a MarkLogic newbie, I became curious after happening upon an article on that attempts to diminish the value differentiators of a schema-agnostic database. In the post, the author asserts “there’s absolutely nothing that is really easier with ‘schemaless’ databases than with ‘schemaful’ ones.” Say what!? This must be crazy talk, I think to myself, […]
I recently attended the webinar When Relational Databases Aren’t Enough. Hosted by MarkLogic’s Matt Allen, and his guests, John Myers Managing Research Director at Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) and Jim Driscoll, principal technologist at MarkLogic – this insightful webinar was targeted toward attendees of Oracle Open World 2014 and anyone else, myself included, curious about the […]
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