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“U.S. Internet users belong to more than 13 loyalty programs, on average, according to brand loyalty data analyzed by eMarketer. But only 50% of users are active members.” 1 In Retail, few issues differentiate the winners from the losers more clearly than successful loyalty and rewards programs. Perennial winners at Retail loyalty programs, such as Kroger […]
In my last post, we outlined the reasons why so many retailers fail to take advantage of the e-commerce opportunity and concluded that any solution for driving e-commerce sales growth must provide consumers with superior search capability, personalized promotions, value and convenience. Additionally, the solution must be able to provide all of this in real-time. After all, for […]
“One customer can shop with us in so many different ways — in stores, on their phones, at home, we’ll win one customer at a e.”tim – Doug McMillon, CEO of Wal-Mart, announcing a $1 billion investment in e-commerce   E-Commerce today is the fastest growing segment of the Retail industry. In Q1 2015, online sales […]
“We make some of the best known brands in the world, and those brands are used by 2 billion people every day.” – Unilever Few industries reach out to and impact the lives of more consumers every day than the Consumer and Retail Industries. Yet the industry’s transformation from Mass Marketing to 1:1 Marketing is […]
“Nordstrom kicks its omnichannel strategy to the curb” – George Anderson, RetailWire Few topics are as hyped up as omnichannel in Retail – or as difficult to execute successfully. Part of the problem depends on where you sit within the organization. Marketers view this as a consumer issue, in-store this is a merchandising and fulfillment […]
Donald Soares is CTO of Retail and Consumer at MarkLogic and is based out of our Chicago office. With over 20 years of experience working with Retail, Consumer and E-Commerce clients, Donald has a deep understanding of the unique needs of this vertical. That’s why he is so passionate about championing MarkLogic’s value proposition as the only Enterprise NoSQL database – a […]
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