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David Kaaret

David Kaaret has worked with major investment banks, mutual funds, and online brokerages for over 15 years in technical and sales roles.

He has helped clients design and build high performance and cutting edge database systems and provided guidance on issues including performance, optimal schema design, security, failover, messaging, and master data management.

Where did you grow up?

Ithaca, NY

Where did (do) you go to school?

Columbia University

Learn how the multi-model MarkLogic platform compares to other technologies, and why it’s the best solution for complex data integration.
Data modeling works differently in MarkLogic than in relational. Learn how you can reduce your modeling and ETL efforts to deliver better results -- even when you still want SQL views of your data.
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Blockchain processing simplifies and speeds up regulatory reporting because the data needed for the reports is centrally stored, reducing financial crime as well as cost and risk. Post-trade processing can be sped up with Blockchain-based processing -- if a multi-model database is used for trade processing.
The reality is that a NoSQL solution can provide data quality that is equivalent or even greater than a traditional relational based approach while still providing for faster, less expensive and more flexible deployments. Here's how.
Object Oriented Programming and NoSQL are two vitally important assets. Here's how they can be brought together so that firms and developers can gain the benefits of both technologies.
Improving customer service in the mortgage industry is key. Start by bringing together all customer information and documents into a single, unified, metadata repository to provide the kind of first class service needed to keep costs down, keep customers happy -- and avoid lawsuits and regulatory fines.