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Christy Haragan

What an exciting time to be alive! Technology is revolutionising our lives - our society - at an exponential rate: Global barriers are being eradicated; insight into our customers is becoming real-time; and more and more of our lives are becoming automated.

Business has been transformed by IT, and yet I believe we haven't even started to scratch the surface on what we can do with the technology available to us. Even our mobile phones provide the wealth of human knowledge in a heartbeat, with analytical capabilities that would require room consuming boxes only a few decades ago!

For me, technology is a passion and a hobby. To find myself with a career in this area in such amazing times is truly a blessing!

A sorry tale of trying to solve complex data integration at a market research company with relational technology. MarkLogic’s proven solutions would have solved the customer’s requirements at a fraction of the time and cost.
The Holy Grail of retail is personalization. But it tends to be more of an aspiration than an achievement. These five steps let you reverse fortunes in months not years -- by focusing on the start of your customer’s online retail journey and taking a few innovative approaches. PS. No invasive work required.
Simplicity. Why can it be so hard to achieve? Something I’ve learned with problem solving is: if you find yourself spiraling into a pit of complexity, often the right approach is to go back to the start and look for another way. For centuries, astronomers struggled to map the paths of the stars and the […]
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