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Amir Halfon

Lee Pollington and I recently gave a talk at MarkLogic World about  schema-on-read approaches to data management in the financial services in industry. As part of preparing for that session it became clear to me that this term carries different meanings to different people, and that some clarification might be in order. Some of the […]
[Note: Amir Halfon is a frequent blogger at FinExtra, a site devoted to the financial technology community. Following is an excerpt from his blog post of January 4.] In an earlier post, I wrote about the differences between NoSQL, what it is, what it isn’t, and some of the misconceptions surrounding it. Now I will write about what financial […]
Find out more about how ACID transactions work in a schema-agnostic database. MarkLogic is here to deliver the products you need to integrate your data successfully.
Data is at the center of most challenges facing our industry today, with business drivers such as new regulations, aggregated risk management, and deep customer insight all having critical data management implications. The term Big Data has become a common way to describe this, and while some of these challenges are associated with large volumes, […]
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