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Brigham Bechtel, CSO Defence, speaks with Berenice Baker about the importance of having better access to mission-critical information across the full spectrum of operations.
Siloed data is costing police officers hundreds of hours each year that could be devoted to front-line duties, according to research by Public Technology parent company Dods, in partnership with MarkLogic. This article, syndicated from Public Technology, summarises the research findings and includes a quote from Imran Razzaq, UK Public Sector Lead, from the research press release.
A new study by Dods, in partnership with MarkLogic, reveals that 91% of police officers believe that they could save time each day if they were able to access all operational data via one search function, rather than having to use numerous different searches. This article summarises the research findings and includes commentary from Imran Razzaq, UK Public Sector Lead, MarkLogic.
Each UK police officer could potentially be losing up to 28 working days a year due to siloed data, according to new research released by Dods Group PLC in partnership with MarkLogic. Outlining the research findings, this article features a quote from Imran Razzaq, UK Public Sector Lead, discussing how the adoption of solutions to integrated data will be integral to improving efficiency in policing.
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