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「レガシーシステムからの脱却」 *2020年2月13日 保険毎日新聞に掲載されたマークロジックの寄稿記事を転載しています。
Capgemini’s Executive Vice President and P&C Insurance Leader, Seth Rachlin, references the Marklogic ‘Legacy IT Systems, Inefficient Processes Hold Back the Insurance Industry’ report published in June in an article exploring the barriers that legacy culture creates in insurance.
MarkLogic's Steve Forcash shares how insurers can overcome barriers, such as legacy technology and integration challenges, that keep them from achieving a single view of customer data. He highlights how new database technologies can integrate their data, make it searchable, and secure, enabling insurers to better understand customers and risks, and improve the outcome for both the insured and themselves.
MarkLogic Data Hub Service a obtenu sa certification en respectant les cinq principes de l'audit SOC 2 Type II : sécurité, disponibilité, intégrité du traitement, confidentialité et confidentialité.
"Étude MarkLogic sur l'intégration et la gestion des données. Le rapport présente des résultats qui mettent en lumière la complexité et le vieillissement des systèmes d'information et la faiblesse des processus de gestion dans l'industrie de l'assurance qui entravent les efforts des entreprises pour transformer l'information numérique."
This contributed article focuses on the pressure that regulations are placing on insurance organisations such as GDPR and comments on whether they are ready for futher regulations like the upcoming International Financial Reporting Standard, IFRS 17.
保険会社の90%において 顧客データの全体像をワンストップで把握できていないことが調査で明らかに
In a guest article for Insurance Hound, Steve Forcash argues that pressure is growing on insurers to deliver a better customer experience through improved data insights.
Alastair Burrows discusses how changes in regulations are changing the way insurance companies do business and impacting insurers’ systems, processes and controls. In light of this, Alastair explains that insurers must embrace digital transformation in order to revolutionise claims handling and become truly customer-centric.
MarkLogic compte déjà de nombreuses compagnies d'assurance et de protection sociale parmi ses clients. Jérôme Designe, responsable du marché de l'assurance et de la protection sociale, et Frédéric Valluet, directeur des solutions de MarkLogic, expliquent les tendances dans le domaine des assurances pour les années à venir.
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