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投資判断改善のため、データ管理に投資する 金融サービス企業が増加 - 世界の100社以上を調査したレポートを発表
Coverage generated following the release of the MarkLogic/Water Technology financial services report.
Nearly two-thirds of financial services firms struggle to store, access and share data, and more than half are considering single data hubs to enhance their ability to make data-driven investment and business decisions, indicates research released today by Waters Technology.
MarkLogic partnered with Waters Technology to survey 104 investment practitioners and IT staff at investment banks. They uncovered that a majority of capital market firms struggle to leverage research data for insights that empower better decision-making and that research data was stored in too many disparate systems or locations across the enterprise.
Coverage generated following the release of the Marklogic/Water Technology financial services report.
Coverage generated following the release of the Marklogic/Water Technology financial services report.
In this guest article, Giles Nelson, CTO Financial Services, explores why financial services firms must take a more strategic, data-driven approach to regulation compliance, in order to advance the industry.
Giles Nelson, CTO of Financial Services, shares his opinion on how financial institutions are managing innovation, suggesting that fintech companies are the future of banking and will provide a simpler and more cost-effective way to manage finances.
Giles Nelson, CTO, Financial Services, recently sat on a panel with other fintech experts to discuss the current models used by capital market firms to effectively manage R&D investment research and address operational inefficiencies.
In a guest article for Global Banking & Finance Review, Giles Nelson explains the concept of data lineage and why it is critical to comply with complex financial regulations.
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