Gartner Cloud DBMS Report Names MarkLogic a Visionary

MarkLogic 9 was released May 2017.

MarkLogic 9 provides new features and enhancements to make data integration easier and more powerful. Entity Services helps define a model for your integrated data, supporting the creation of a scalable, performant data hub. Moving data into, out of, or between MarkLogic clusters will be easier with the Data Movement SDK. With Template-Driven Extraction, you can now get data into the indexes without modifying your document structure. The Optic API powers document joins and aggregates, group-bys and other tabular operations on data stored in documents.

MarkLogic’s government-grade security takes the next step, adding Encryption at Rest and Element-Level Security. With the new Redaction feature, it’s easier to make production data safe for use in your development and test environments.

Managing MarkLogic has gotten easier too. Rolling upgrades mean less downtime when upgrading a cluster, while Telemetry streamlines communication with the Support team.

Developers should take a look at the improvements to Query Console, including profiling for Server-side JavaScript, editing aids, and better results display. Beyond QC, there are new geospatial capabilities and several enhancements to the REST, Java, and Node.js APIs. You’ll also be able to take more control of stemming and tokenization and wildcarding.

Here are some resources you can use to explore what MarkLogic 9 has to offer:


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