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Graph stores are being used to track lot genealogy for pharmacovigilance. But are they enough? Find out how some Pharmaceutical companies are quickly and easily detecting anomalous signals at every point of the drug life cycle – from manufacture to post-marketing.
Entertainment industry leaders test capturing descriptive and operating metadata during production of "The Suitcase" (not after!). Their goal? Increasing revenue, decreasing costs.
There has never been a more important time for trusted valuable content and data, but there has also never been more disruption and uncertainty in the media industry. Here are the key strategies leading media organizations are taking to make the most of their valuable content and data and weather the many unexpected changes.
The pressure of figuring out how to monetize content for greater profitability -- has led media companies to using an untapped asset: Customer Data. Find out how this important source is increasing engagement -- and profitability.
ALM created a 360-degree customer view in just four months with MarkLogic (after trying for two years using a relational database). And immediately saw a 600% ROI. Here's what it means to ALM's business.
There is no doubt about it, for media and entertainment companies 2015 was the year of the customer. From professional publishers to mammouth entertainment companies like NBC, presenting "content in context" was a winner with customers.
Where will you be 11:35 pm EST on Saturday, October 3rd? I bet, like me, many of you will be lounging on the couch and laughing while watching the premiere of the 41st season of Saturday Night Live (SNL). To get ready, I’m getting reacquainted with the fun and smart application NBC created on MarkLogic. But […]
What is Semantics and why should you use it? In this infographic, we answer those questions and also provide an example of one of our customers using semantics to model complex relationships in their data. Please take a look, share it, and download the SNL 40 app to see semantics in action! View and Download […]
At the Hollywood IT Summit on May 14, Michael Martin – SVP Product, Technology and Operations, NBC Entertainment Digital – spoke about the unique opportunity his team had to reinvent the way fans interacted with one of the network’s most famous and widely loved shows, Saturday Night Live.   To accompany the 40th Anniversary of […]
As discussed in my last post, The Quality and Communication Critical to Patient-Centered Care, one of the main technology barriers to providing patient-centered healthcare is the painfully common conundrum that patient data is often housed in a number of disparate systems across multiple locations. To ensure the quality of care mandated by healthcare reform requires close […]
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