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The reason why MarkLogic is winning against the giants of the database industry – we listen to our customers. Faster time to value, lower costs, more agility, more sharing & the ability to run anywhere.
One of the world's largest health systems were interested in aggregating their myriad silos of medical registries (healthcare data) and wanted to accomplish this integration by converting all their data into more than 100 billion semantic triples. Here is what we proposed.
Mainframe computers first appeared half a century ago, and the “big irons” still store and process a significant amount of all Internet data. However, mainframes are showing their age and having trouble keeping up with the demands of a digital era. Besides being costly to operate, they also can’t easily move to the cloud, meaning […]
“For retailers who lack the capability of using information about their card-holding customers and turning this data into tailor-made, individual, shopper-specific propositions – loyalty systems are no more than an expensive gadget.” 1 In my last post, Reinventing Loyalty Programs to Win, we discussed the fact that most loyalty programs in retail fail because they lack vision or […]
I recently attended the webinar When Relational Databases Aren’t Enough. Hosted by MarkLogic’s Matt Allen, and his guests, John Myers Managing Research Director at Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) and Jim Driscoll, principal technologist at MarkLogic – this insightful webinar was targeted toward attendees of Oracle Open World 2014 and anyone else, myself included, curious about the […]
Came across this article in my Google* alerts today: “XML Found To Be Just As Fast As JSON” which describes a paper written by one of my colleagues here at MarkLogic, David Lee — a paper which “documents an experiment where he pit XML against JSON in almost 1,200 tests covering 33 different documents across […]
Wer kennt das nicht, durch verschiedene Abteilungen in Unternehmen bilden sich durch die unterschiedlichste Anwendungen Datensilos. Hier erfahren Sie, wie Sie durch eine Multi Model Datenbank Ihre Datensilos reduzieren können.
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