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2017 EMEA Partner Excellence Award Winners

The Partner Excellence Award winners for 2017 were announced at our Partner Summit in London last month, and we want to congratulate them on their achievements and thank them for all their hard work.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without our partners around the world, and we love working with them to solve complex customer challenges.

Partner Excellence Awards were given in two categories: Services and Technology.

Partner Excellence in Services: Capgemini NL

Capgemini NL received the Partner Excellence Award in Services for demonstrating outstanding vision and drive to find new ways to solve the pressing needs of financial institutions. Strict regulations have banks scrambling to comply and the Capgemini team recognized that relational technologies and ETL were both going to bog down the process — and threaten the ability for banks to meet regulatory deadlines.

According to Capgemini VP Edwin Steenvoorden, “Financial Services institutions are under high pressure to act on internal trends such as cost savings, regulatory demands and FinTech as well as external trends such as customer empowerment, new entrants and service democratization. They then need to combine these with the usage of new types of data such as social unstructured, IoT, video, etc. This calls for a database platform where institutions can access their data fast and integrated.”

Last December, MarkLogic and Capgemini signed an official partnership for the Benelux region. Since then, many financial institutions in German, French and Australian territories have expressed interest in transforming their organizations.

Best Overall Partner: Capgemini

Capgemini VP Edwin Steenvorden receives the Partner Excellence Award from CEO Gary Bloom and SVP Sales, Adrian Carr.

Partner Excellence in Technology: Semantic Web Company’s PoolParty

The Austrian-based firm excels with its PoolParty Semantic Suite.

Their comprehensive technology in conjunction with MarkLogic is helping global organizations like Credit Suisse, Springer Nature, Wolters Kluwer and The World Bank to successfully implement semantic solutions.

“Based on semantic web standards, both technologies fit together like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Customers benefit from a full semantics stack. Semantic capabilities of MarkLogic are complemented by PoolParty’s taxonomy and ontology management, corpus learning, as well as entity extraction and linking,” said Andreas Blumauer, CEO, Semantic Web Company.


Semantic Web Company CEO Andreas Blumauer accepts his award

Congratulations again to all of our Partner Excellence Award winners!

For more information

Why MarkLogic Will Lead the Next-Generation of Database Technology – More than once, MarkLogic has been sarcastically described as the “adult” at the venture capital-fed NoSQL party, a presence akin to a chaperone at a high school dance. I couldn’t agree more, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Having an “adult” serving enterprise-class companies with enterprise-class database technology and services is an important advantage for MarkLogic as we enable many of the world’s largest companies and governments to solve their modern data challenges.

MarkLogic and Capgemini in the Netherlands Close Partnership – MarkLogic, the market leader in the area of NoSQL-databases for the enterprise has signed a partnership with Capgemini Netherlands B.V. part of the Capgemini Group, a global leader in consulting, technology and outsourcing services.

PoolParty: Semantic Content Management – In this talk we present methodologies for creating taxonomies semi-automatically. Looking at a specific application used by Wolters Kluwer, we explain how semantic content management works in practice and how the PoolParty Semantic Suite integrates with MarkLogic, providing an integrated full stack semantic solution.

David Ponzini - SVP, Corporate Development & Alliances | MarkLogic

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