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2017 DEVIES Award Winner for Best Data Developer Tools

As part of the annual DeveloperWeek Conference and Festival last week, MarkLogic received the 2017 DEVIES Award for Data Dev Tools. It was great to be recognized for our continued commitment to building an enterprise-grade database that’s agile enough to meet the demands of today’s fast-paced business landscape. Since 2001, we’ve been focused on bringing together all types of data from silos to give customers a dynamic 360-view of their data, while keeping it safe with government-grade security and transactional updates.

Developers face a lot of choices when it comes to which technologies to learn. Each choice is an investment of time for that developer. Choose wisely, and you’re in demand. Choose poorly, and you can find yourself behind the technology curve, scrambling to make yourself relevant.

Since I joined MarkLogic in 2009, I’ve been impressed with the company’s commitment to building technology that works as well as the marketing says it does — something you don’t find everywhere. The DEVIES award is a testament to my colleagues who build MarkLogic Database, and of the ever-growing community of developers, database administrators, and CIOs who are building apps and solutions on top of MarkLogic.

Enterprises rely on software to understand, drive, and advance their operations. Ultimately, business users don’t care how a system works; they care that it works, and how long they have to wait before they can use it. MarkLogic shines here. Choosing MarkLogic means letting the database handle the data while keeping the developer’s focus on providing value to their end users. And because MarkLogic supports multiple data models, multi-document ACID transactions, search, and other features demanded in the enterprise, complex work can be handled in the database, rather than in an application layer.

This simplifies the overall architecture, making positive customer outcomes more likely, available sooner, and easier to maintain. REST APIs and client libraries for Java and Node.js also mean the power of MarkLogic is accessible regardless of the technology being used, and the free Developer license means it’s available for exploration.

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Introduction to MarkLogic (24-min) A high-level overview of some of MarkLogic’s key features, and includes a demonstration of MarkLogic’s 3-tier reference application, Samplestack.

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