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2016 Partner Excellence Award Winners

At MarkLogic, we know we would not be where we are today without our strong partnerships. So, each year we select MarkLogic Partner Excellence Award winners chosen for their ability to deploy successful and innovative solutions with the MarkLogic database platform. This year, we’ve chosen four companies to receive this award – and we’re excited to see the great things we can achieve as we work together in the future. Congratulations to the winners!



Intel is one of our most strategic partners and we collaborate on a full range of activities from engineering/performance testing to co-marketing and co-selling. Specific areas of engagement include Financial Services, Healthcare and Media all over the US, Europe and Asia. MarkLogic’s Enterprise NoSQL database platform runs best on Intel’s full range of products such as Xeon processors and solid-state drives. Applying Intel technology improves our customers’ performance and reduces the time it takes to reach new insights with MarkLogic.



Cognizant, one of the world’s leading providers of information technology, business consulting, enterprise applications and business processes services, leverages MarkLogic to create end-to-end business solutions. MarkLogic is Cognizant’s only enterprise NoSQL database platform partner and together our two companies have built mission-critical solutions for large customers around the globe. With over 200 trained associates and a dedicated MarkLogic Center of Excellence, Cognizant has invested heavily in MarkLogic and has extensive experience in the successful implementation of our database platform. Its investments in disruptive technology, new business models and best-in-class delivery uniquely position Cognizant to empower our joint clients to drive digital transformation at enterprise scale.



Smartlogic and MarkLogic are the perfect union. By using MarkLogic’s NoSQL database platform with Smartlogic’s semantic platform, companies can integrate data from silos to create a unified view of their data. In the past year, Smartlogic has completed a port of their platform on top of MarkLogic and has dedicated numerous sales and marketing resources that enabled us to go to market jointly. The combination of MarkLogic and Smartlogic provides organizations with the best in real-time analytics and the content intelligence to extract facts and insights from heterogeneous data.

general networks

General Networks

General Networks has over 22 years of experience managing and implementing IT projects for large enterprises. For several years, MarkLogic has worked in close collaboration with General Networks, particularly in the Media and Entertainment verticals. General Networks has made a strong commitment to MarkLogic and has one of the highest numbers of MarkLogic-certified professionals on staff. We look forward to continually working together with them in the future to drive more value to customers.

Senior Director, Americas Channel Sales

Mr. Sears has been in the technology business for over 20 years serving in senior level channel sales roles at Brocade, Oracle and MarkLogic. At MarkLogic, he is responsible for building out the Americas channel program with an eye towards high value partners who can provide end-to-end solutions to joint customers.

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