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Customer Excellence Awards 2016

Every year, MarkLogic honors customers who have used our database platform to innovate and transform their industries. As our customer base continues to grow, the task of choosing the winners becomes increasingly difficult. This year’s award recipients are on the frontlines of complex data integration and have excelled at leveraging MarkLogic to advance their business goals.

UK Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG)

The DCLG’s mission is to create great places to live and work, and to give more power to local people to shape what happens in their area. They have a mandate to support strong communities with excellent public services and to boost local growth.

The DCLG has standardized on MarkLogic as their strategic data platform. The department now benefits from a common data platform allowing them to deal with multiple formats of data easily and reduce the number of costly legacy silos they maintain. Applications built on MarkLogic help the department to serve Local Government and in so doing communities across the UK. Data collected, processed and analyzed in MarkLogic allows DCLG to best direct government funds to where they are needed most, supporting projects as diverse as building social housing, supporting troubled families or giving the homeless the chance to get rehoused and retrained and become productive members of society.


Large-scale data integration projects typically take years to complete. Aetna has built not one, but two major data hubs in the past two years. Aetna first started its MarkLogic journey by building a data hub for all of its HR-related activity. This HR hub integrates over 300 disparate files into MarkLogic, provides over 200 outputs, and also tracks the entire complex history of the data.

The success of its HR hub project prompted Aetna to expand its efforts and build the Vision 2020 Enterprise Data Hub to provide interoperability between all of Aetna’s business platforms and component suites. This hub exemplifies best practices in data integration by creating a plug-and-play architecture that is able to accommodate changes in and software products and business strategy in an agile manner.

Anthony Accardo

Finally, we have the Christopher Lindblad Award. Named for MarkLogic’s founder and chief architect, this award recognizes a specific individual who has gone above and beyond to successfully innovate within his or her organization.

Anthony Accardo is Director of R&D for Disney ABC Television Group, where he also oversees the Metadata and Taxonomy group. Under Anthony’s leadership, Disney developed a groundbreaking semantic metadata hub. The success of this metadata hub led Anthony to promote innovation and change beyond ABC-TV to Disney Studios and Disney Parks and Resorts. But Anthony’s leadership also extends beyond Disney. He’s been consistently generous in sharing what he’s learned with others – through presentations on his innovative use of semantics technology – at venues such as MarkLogic World 2015 in San Francisco and Tokyo.

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