Management API


What It Is

Configure and administer MarkLogic with a single REST-based API. This provides more programmatic control than ever before—giving DBAs the power and flexibility necessary to run a modern data center.

In our two previous releases we embarked down a path of allowing programmatic control of configuration and administration APIs through a powerful set of REST interfaces. In MarkLogic 8 we have taken another major step down that path with the addition of a large number of new RESTful APIs that cover almost all of MarkLogic’s configuration and administration capabilities.


Why It Matters

The modern data center is increasingly automated in order to increase efficiency and agility, and reduce cost, complexity, and manual errors. With these additions to MarkLogic’s REST APIs, we are helping IT organizations realize those benefits. Administrators can still use the GUI based administration tools, but now they can also control a wide variety of facilities programmatically.

Benefits of the Management API:

  • Increase efficiency and agility by automating time-consuming repetitive tasks across production, testing and development
  • Reduce setup time and admin error by orchestrating multi-step configurations and deployments
  • Fit more seamlessly into IT environments by using REST interfaces unlike CLI or proprietary APIs
  • Perform automated testing and monitor performance using market tools that support REST
  • Even better with Client REST API and Elasticity