What it is JSON

What It Is

Store JSON documents natively in MarkLogic. JSON storage brings all of MarkLogic’s production-proven indexing, data management, and security capabilities to the predominant data format of the Web. You can build rich applications that span JSON, RDF, XML, binary, and text documents within a single environment without worrying about slow and brittle conversion between data formats.

JSON as a native data format complements the Server-Side JavaScript environment by providing seamless access to JSON managed in a MarkLogic cluster. Because JSON uses the same foundation that MarkLogic has developed and tuned over the last decade, it is fast, stable, secure, and composable with existing data and code.

JSON Applications

Why It Matters

JSON is rapidly becoming the data format of choice for many use cases; particularly those involving data serialization, as opposed to content markup. Because XML and JSON each have areas where they excel, it is important that developers are able to choose the most appropriate representation for their use case without giving up on any of the core capabilities that MarkLogic provides.

The addition of native JSON support does just that – it provides full-fledged JSON support alongside XML, RDF, text, and binary. Developers can use the right format for the right task without giving up ACID transactions, rich query, or any of the other capabilities they have come to rely on. Ultimately this makes developers more productive, simplifies applications, and reduces overhead.

  • Speed up development with powerful built-in search, transformation, and alerting capabilities designed for JSON
  • Reduce lost fidelity and functionality from data model translations and brittle ETL
  • Simplify architecture with data, metadata, and relationships managed consistently and securely together
  • Ease modern, end-to-end JavaScript development