Java Client API

Java Client API

What It Is

The MarkLogic Java Client API is an open-source library that allows developers to quickly, easily, and reliably access MarkLogic from their Java applications.

  • Faster development and less custom code with out-of-the-box data management, search, and alerting
  • Pure Java query builder including conveniences for POJOs, JSON, XML, and binary I/O
  • Built-in extensibility for moving performance-critical code to the database
  • Always open-source and developed on GitHub
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Why It Matters

The Java Client API provides out-of-the-box data management, query, aggregation, and alerting for MarkLogic. It encapsulates performance and scalability best practices into a comprehensive API that is familiar and natural to enterprise Java developers. The API has hooks for tapping into Java’s rich I/O ecosystem to efficiently work with native JSON and XML in MarkLogic, or POJOs in Java. For applications that require the extra performance benefits of running server-side code, the Java Client API provides an RMI-like extensibility mechanism and APIs to manage server-side libraries from Java. This hook allows developers to package JavaScript or XQuery code that runs in the database, close to the data.