Enhanced HTTP Server

Enhanced HTTP Server

What It Is

The Enhanced HTTP server simplifies the out-of-the-box experience with MarkLogic and can improve the performance of client/server interactions. An instance of the Enhanced HTTP server will be running by default and will allow you to use the REST API, custom HTTP, XCC/XDBC (over HTTP) using a single interface.

Why It Matters

This will make your life as a developer easier and more efficient. For example, you’ll be able to select the target content database at runtime, making it possible to have a single entry point for any database without additional configuration and enabling a user to immediately begin loading data or issuing queries without having to perform any additional configurations.

Benefits of the Enhanced HTTP Server:

  • Use a single interface when employing the REST API, custom HTTP, XCC/XDBC to connect to any database
  • Delivers ease-of-use by not having to create extra ports
  • Simplifies the out-of-the-box interaction and can improve the performance of client and server
  • Provides an improved and more efficient developer experience with MarkLogic