The Evolution of Data Integration

Easier, Safer, Faster

Faster, Easier Data Integration

MarkLogic 9 makes it faster and easier to manage the varied, messy, and continuously changing data from across the enterprise. You can bring all your siloed data – whether relational or non-relational – into a single, fully integrated multi-model data layer. Then you are empowered to view that data as documents, as a graph, or as relational data using a whole new query engine.

Entity Services

Develop a model and vocabulary to describe real-world concepts, or entities, making it easier to govern your data and develop applications.

Optic API

Use this new, flexible query interface to combine documents, triples, and rows – including the ability to execute joins and aggregates across documents.

Template Driven Extraction

Define relational and semantic lenses over document data so you can query parts of the data using SQL, the new Optic API, or SPARQL.

Data Movement SDK

Move large amounts of data into, out of, or within a MarkLogic cluster with this new Java library.

Model-Driven Data Integration

Entity Services provides a better way to manage entities and the messy, changing data from which they are derived. You can think of it as a catalog that defines a shared understanding of your entities and relationships. It makes data easier to govern and program using a model-driven workflow that both reduces errors and accommodates inevitable change.

Joins and Aggregates Across Documents

The revolutionary Optic API provides a unified query interface that combines documents, triples, and rows. Harness the full breadth of relational operations, full text search, and natural document context to build powerful applications. And, it’s available in all of MarkLogic’s supported interfaces: Java, JavaScript, and REST on the client; and, JavaScript and XQuery in the server.

Industry Leading Data Security

MarkLogic 9 is designed with new capabilities to make data security stronger and more granular. MarkLogic has always been the most trusted NoSQL database to run your business and MarkLogic 9 is a major step towards making MarkLogic the most secure database, period.

Advanced Encryption

Protect data from cybersecurity threats using standards-based cryptography, advanced key management, and granular separation of duties.

Element Level Security

Hide specific parts of JSON and XML documents based on user roles, providing a granular level of control similar to "cell-level" security.


Remove or replace specific data, such as social security numbers, in order to prevent leakage of sensitive data when exporting data for sharing.

Control Access to Specific Parts of Documents

Use path names to control access to specific JSON properties or XML elements within documents, making that data invisible when queried by some users.

Control Sensitive Data on Export

Use a policy-driven approach to conceal or mask sensitive information on export. You can use random, deterministic, dictionary, pattern, or custom masking on export.

Improved Manageability

MarkLogic 9 introduces new features that provide a more unified platform for managing globally distributed MarkLogic database clusters throughout their lifecycles. With a clear picture of the system and improved admin tools, DBAs can increase automation and business agility.

Ops Director

See your entire MarkLogic infrastructure – whether it's across multiple clusters, cloud and on-premises systems, or production, test, and development environments.

Rolling Upgrades

Minimize downtime and disruption by providing support for production applications while performing maintenance on MarkLogic.


Telemetry is an opt-in feature. It enables more proactive support by sending diagnostic information so MarkLogic Support can respond to your requests better and faster.

A Clear View of Your MarkLogic System

See and manage your entire MarkLogic infrastructure – whether it's across multiple clusters, cloud and on-premises systems, or production, test, and development environments.

Ops Director Capabilities

  • Respond to alerts
  • Monitor clusters, hosts, databases and app servers
  • View and respond to error logs
  • Analyze problematic hosts
  • Communicate with MarkLogic Support
  • Analyze performance of disk I/O, CPU, memory, network, databases, and servers
  • View resource utilization
  • Track maintenance task status
  • Manage console settings for security and licensing, connectivity, and telemetry

Additional Enhancements

Beyond the thematic areas of data integration, manageability, and security, MarkLogic 9 includes many other additional features and enhancements that continue to set the bar high for Enterprise NoSQL.

New Compliance Archive

Reduce the cost of storing regulated data by protecting temporal documents against deletion, updates, and wipes, and save documents to WORM storage.

New Azure Support

An Azure image template and recommendations for your deployments on Microsoft’s leading cloud platform.


Smarter, more precise answers with the addition of Geospatial Region Search and Double Precision to support applications with rigorous geospatial requirements.

Query Console

MarkLogic's query interface tool now includes type-ahead suggestions and a new Profile mode to better understand query execution.


Building on industry-leading search, MarkLogic 9 includes a new plugin API for tokenization and stemming and enhancements to near search and wildcard searches.


Continuing the support for modern programming, MarkLogic 9 includes updates to the Node.js Client API to track new MarkLogic 9 security and geospatial features.

Enhanced Tiered Storage

More flexibility and better performance while reducing costs. Documents can be tiered based on rules (queries) and queries across tiers are more efficient due to query partitioning.


Server-side JavaScript has been updated to the latest version of JavaScript, ES2015, which provides new syntax and standard libraries to make code easier to write, read, and debug.

Monitor MarkLogic Using Industry Leading Tools

These tools are fantastic for monitoring mobile applications, browsers, and servers. Now you can use them to also monitor your MarkLogic system as part of a rich, unified experience.

  • Open Quote

    As an Early Access program member for MarkLogic 9, we are proud to be part of a community that is building an even more powerful tool to leverage data. We are especially excited about the data integration and management capabilities in MarkLogic 9.”

    Derek Tapp, Head of DevOps, CABI

  • Open Quote

    We are very excited about the new SQL capabilities in MarkLogic 9—making SQL a first class citizen will really help us get the most out of MarkLogic… The ability to join documents is a game changer!"

    Mike Bowers, Principal Architect

  • Open Quote

    We are particularly excited about adaptive ways to secure data at rest. MarkLogic is uniquely addressing this key requirement by leveraging industry standard approaches, which relinquishes the need to use proprietary encryption keys used by traditional database platforms.”

    Sr. Project Manager, The World Bank

  • Open Quote

    The MarkLogic database is instrumental in our digital transformation program… We chose MarkLogic as our database platform for all future applications as part of our Digital 21 for 21 programs.”

    Omar Baig, Head of Digital, Knowledge and Information Service, Organisation for Economic Co‑operation and Development (OECD)

What's New in MarkLogic 9

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