What’s New in MarkLogic 9

MarkLogic 9

Early Access (beta) Release

MarkLogic Data Integration

Faster, Easier Data Integration

MarkLogic 9 makes it faster and easier to manage the varied, messy, and continuously changing data from across enterprise. You can bring all your siloed data – whether relational or non-relational – into a single, fully integrated multi-model data layer. Then you are empowered to view that data as documents, as a graph, or as relational data using a whole new query engine.

Data Movement

Integrate with other systems

  • Moving data from any source, batch or streaming, record or message
  • Java integration with leading technologies & platforms

Data Semantics

Bring business meaning to data

  • Entity Services – Real-world Entities, real-world Relationships
  • Capture and query the model – as you need it
  • Model-driven development promotes reuse and reduces translation errors

Data Query

Get better insights in less time

  • Optic API for NoSQL joins & aggregates and multi-model query
  • Enhanced SQL for better BI
  • Row index for faster data access without transformation
Industry Leading Data Security

Industry Leading Data Security

MarkLogic 9 is designed with new capabilities to make security stronger and more granular. MarkLogic has always been the most trusted NoSQL database to run your business and MarkLogic 9 is a major step towards being the most secure database, period.

Advanced Encryption

Store data securely

  • Transparent encryption for all of your data
  • Protects from insider threats
  • Be comfortable with your data in the cloud

Data Privacy

Share data securely

  • Data privacy invoked real-time or batch
  • Element-Level Security provides granular control
  • Redaction to hide or mask identifying information with extremely fine control

Security Certification

Ensure compliance

  • The only NoSQL database with Common Criteria certification
  • Reviewing other standards such as SEC17a, PCI DSS, & others
Improved Manageability

Improved Manageability

MarkLogic 9 introduces new features that provide a more unified platform for managing globally distributed MarkLogic database clusters throughout their lifecycles. With a clear picture of the system and improved admin tools, DBAs can increase automation and business agility.

Ops Director

Get a clear view of your system

  • New user-friendly interface for managing and administering MarkLogic
  • Effectively manage multiple clusters and databases at scale

Rolling Upgrades

Minimize downtime

  • Support for production applications while performing maintenance on MarkLogic
  • One of many non-disruptive features of MarkLogic


Receive more proactive support

  • Communication channel to MarkLogic support
  • Enable MarkLogic to diagnose issues and to recommend best practices
Additional Enhancements

Additional Enhancements

Beyond the thematic areas of data integration, manageability, and security, MarkLogic 9 includes many other additional features and enhancements that continue to set the bar high for Enterprise NoSQL.

Compliance Archives

Reduce the cost of regulated data

  • Make documents immutable for a certain period of time
  • Retain copies on WORM storage for compliance
  • Tiers based on flexible policies

Advanced Geospatial

Smarter, more precise answers

  • Support for Double Precision to locate results within millimeters
  • Answer complex business questions with Geospatial Region Search

And Even More…

Hundreds of other improvements

  • Cloud – More AWS, Azure
  • Developer – Server-Side JavaScript, Node.js & Java Client API improvements

Experience MarkLogic 9 Early Access

Announcement of MarkLogic 9 Early Access (beta) Release

Announcement of MarkLogic 9 Early Access (beta) Release

Read more information about this public early access release from the perspective of the product team that helped build it.

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