MarkLogic Pricing

Pricing and Licensing

Simple and Flexible

Our licensing model provides meaningful options that allow you to grow or shrink your cluster as your business adapts to changing needs. We offer a free Developer license to get going quickly, and we have one premium license: Essential Enterprise.

Straightforward Pricing Metrics

MarkLogic’s pricing is transparent and stable over time. There are no arbitrary fences, maximum cluster sizes, or features restricted to certain customers.

Run It Wherever You Want

MarkLogic offers industry-first flexibility and portability. Use your license in any environment, and if you later need to move from on-premises to the cloud and use the same license, that is okay.

Platform Pricing

MarkLogic provides a document database, triple store, and search engine—all in a single unified platform designed to integrate data and run modern applications at scale.

MarkLogic Run It Anywhere Pricing

Purchase licenses from us, and use them in any environment. For specific pricing and to address other questions, please contact your MarkLogic representative at 1-877-992-8885 (or use your local number).

Edition Ideal For… Price Metric Price (US$)


Full-featured version of MarkLogic that allows developers to quickly integrate data and build MarkLogic-based applications with up to 1 TB of data.

Per 8-Core Pack


Essential Enterprise

Highly scalable, comprehensive version of MarkLogic for demanding enterprise requirements. Provides the highest level of performance and service for production applications in any environment.

Per 8-Core Pack

Subscription starting at:
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*Subscription licenses include the price of annual maintenance. Perpetual licenses are also available. For more information, please contact Sales.

MarkLogic Cloud Pricing

Purchase MarkLogic licenses from the leading cloud providers, directly through their marketplaces.

Edition Ideal For… Price Metric Price (US$)

Essential Enterprise
on Amazon Web Services

Full-featured MarkLogic cloud deployment on the AWS cloud.

Hourly Usage

Starting at $0.99/hr

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Essential Enterprise
on Microsoft Azure

Full-featured MarkLogic cloud deployment on Microsoft Azure.

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Essential Enterprise
on Google Cloud

Full-featured MarkLogic cloud deployment on the Google Cloud.

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Additional Options

In addition to the robust feature set that comes standard in MarkLogic, there are additional features that you may want to take advantage of for more advanced projects. Please contact Sales for more details around these specific features.



Gain multi-model capabilities with an integrated Triple Store for storing RDF triples

Tiered Storage

Tiered Storage

Minimize the cost of storage as your cluster expands by seamlessly transitioning data across tiers



Build advanced geospatial applications with geospatial indexing and query capability


Yes. We also offer Perpetual licenses. For more information, please contact Sales.

Yes. Any of the additional options that are available can be bought at any time. For example, if you start with no options, but want to add Semantics later on, that is okay.

Yes. The Developer License includes all available options. Currently, that includes Semantics, Tiered Storage, and Geospatial.

Yes. MarkLogic is designed to store large volumes and varieties of data using a clustered architecture that can scale from a single node up to hundreds of nodes. Please contact Sales for more information on how to best size a MarkLogic system for your particular use case.

Yes. In most cases MarkLogic licenses are portable. If you purchase a Subscription license to run MarkLogic on-premises but later on want to run MarkLogic on AWS or with another cloud provider, you will not have to buy another license.