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Making Hadoop Better with MarkLogic

Recording, October 2014
In this video, we explain the ways MarkLogic can help you use Hadoop to deliver real-time big data applications, improve data governance, and save money.

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DBTA: Unleashing the Power of Hadoop for Big Data Analytics

Analyst Report, October 2014
Integrating Hadoop with MarkLogic provides a single platform that allows you to mix and match both realtime and analytics workloads, without having to duplicate data or create a oneoff infrastructure. Read this best practices to learn the 8 steps to Unleashing the Power of Hadoop.

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MarkLogic and Hadoop

MarkLogic datasheet, September 2014
Organizations need to store and analyze massive amounts of structured and unstructured data from disparate data sources—data too massive to manage effectively with traditional relational databases. Hadoop is a great tool to help with this task, and MarkLogic is the best database for Hadoop.

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Enterprise Hadoop Plus Enterprise NoSQL

Recording, July 2014
Learn how the combination of MarkLogic, Hadoop and Intel technologies can provide your organization with smart, cost-effective data management and analysis – saving you time and money.

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Simplifying Data Governance and Accelerating Real-time Big Data Analysis with MarkLogic and Intel

Whitepapers, July 2014
The following whitepapers summarize issues companies face today with legacy RDBMS + SAN data environments and why the combination of MarkLogic, Apache Hadoop, and Intel provides a solution for the following industries:

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Mixing Analytic and Operational Workloads without Panic Attacks

Presentation, April 2014
In this session, we review how to manage all your workloads in a unified system while keeping all your users happy. You will learn about use of replicas, tiered storage, Hadoop, SQL and other approaches to mixed workloads.

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Hadoop and MarkLogic for Fun and Profit (and Especially Profit)

Presentation, April 2014
See how MarkLogic can take advantage of Hadoop’s cheap distributed storage and powerful batch processing. This presentation illustrates some common use cases for combining Hadoop with MarkLogic and provide insight into MarkLogic’s roadmap.

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MarkLogic continues NoSQL push with support for RDF triples in MarkLogic 7

Analyst Report, December 2013
451research analyzes how MarkLogic has continued to expand its capabilities by adding support for RDF triples and the ability to run directly on the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS).

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MarkLogic 7 Adds Hadoop Integration

Analyst Report, December 2013
Ovum’s report highlights new MarkLogic features in the new Version 7 release that natively integrate with Hadoop, provide extended data tiering, and add new graph and semantics analytic capabilities.

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Under the Hood: Using Cloud, Hadoop & Tiered Storage for Peak Performance

Recording, October 2013
VP of Engineering David Gorbet and Senior Director of Product Strategy Aaron Rosenbaum talk about what makes MarkLogic tick.

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Get Down to Serious Business with Hadoop

Webinar, July 2013
Matt Aslett from 451 Research and Justin Makeig from MarkLogic provide an overview of the current state of the Hadoop ecosystem, geographic adoption, use cases, and an introduction to complementary technology from MarkLogic that can help your organization achieve real-time analysis, transactional data updates, integrity, granular security, and full-text search.

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The Best Database for Hadoop

MarkLogic World, April 2013
Learn more about how MarkLogic can leverage your existing Hadoop investment with real-time analysis, transactional updates, granular security, and full-text search.

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Optimizing Cost, Performance, and Availability with Tiered Storage

MarkLogic World, April 2013
Learn how to implement a data governance policy and how to deploy MarkLogic using a fluid mix of SSD, local disk, shared disk, and cloud storage, including the Hadoop Distributed File System and Amazon S3.

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Why Enterprise NoSQL Matters

ESG, March 2013
This analyst report by Evan Quinn of ESG explores some of the critical features you should look for when choosing your NoSQL solution, and discusses why enterprise capabilities indeed matter.

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Integrating Enterprise NoSQL into Hadoop

DBTA, November 2012
By combining Hadoop and an Enterprise NoSQL database, you can index the most critical and frequently accessed data on high-performance infrastructure and allocate the rest to a low-cost offline archive for intermittent access and historical analysis.

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