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Solve impossible data challenges really fast.

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Simplify data integration by putting all your operational and analytical data in one place, whether from multiple silos or in multiple formats

Speed Up Development

Use a truly agile approach to develop advanced applications in half the time it would take with your legacy relational database

Rely on ACID Transactions

Trust MarkLogic to run transactional applications at scale without having to make excuses about eventual consistency

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Get going with NoSQL by joining the thousands of developers building and launching powerful enterprise applications on MarkLogic. Download MarkLogic today and get started loading JSON or XML, running some ad-hoc queries, and trying out the Node.js, Java, and other APIs.

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We offer a variety of ways for individuals or teams to learn MarkLogic fast. It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to the game or an experienced developer or DBA—it’s easy to learn NoSQL. We offer free on-demand training, free instructor lead training, and professional certifications you can earn to validate your NoSQL expertise.

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Build and Explore Samplestack

Learn by doing. Samplestack is a comprehensive sample application designed to show you how to build a MarkLogic application effectively, and includes production-ready code to get you going quickly.

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When we started down the MarkLogic path, we had very high hopes. It’s not often that all the marketing blurbs and brochures are exactly as described. But with this technology, all the promises were kept, and all the features exceeded our expectations. It’s evident that we made the right choice. MarkLogic simply delivered.

Christian Kohl, Director of Information & Publishing Technology, De Gruyter


For the Business

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For over a decade, leading organizations have been using MarkLogic to solve challenges that they could not solve with their legacy databases. MarkLogic is versatile enough to be used for a wide variety of different use cases, from serving as an enterprise data layer or operational trade store to doing Customer or Patient 360°.

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Rely On Our Expertise

We measure our success by the success of our customers. MarkLogic’s consultants have decades of experience solving big data challenges, and relying on their expertise early on is the fastest way to success, whether it’s migrating your data from a legacy database or optimizing your system for peak performance.

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Our experience in working with MarkLogic was that they were very willing to come into our business, understand exactly the problems that we were facing, and help us come up with a particular solution for those specific problems.

Brian Bishop, VP of Platform Development, Springer



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