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For over a decade, leading organizations have been using MarkLogic to solve challenges that they could not solve with their other databases. Our solutions show you some examples of what is possible.

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We have MarkLogic at the center of everything we do... Before MarkLogic, with the current workflow tool, it took 13 hours for people to process the bank's documents. With the MarkLogic system, it took 3 hours of work, and that was before any customization, right out-of-the-box.”

Michael Henry, Principal, Advisory, KPMG

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The new iPlayer is now completely built on the NoSQL MarkLogic stack – so if you are using iPlayer you are seeing a NoSQL-based system… Our legacy system took up to 30 minutes or an hour sometimes [to publish a video clip]. We compared the MarkLogic NoSQL technology to some SQL vendors, and what we got in 20 seconds on SQL took us 200 milliseconds in NoSQL – orders of magnitude faster. So we said let’s move iPlayer to this.”

Allan Donald, Executive Product Manager, BBC

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