Enterprise NoSQL

Over the last decade MarkLogic has deployed more customer-facing Big Data applications in large enterprises than all the other NoSQL databases combined.

With the growing volumes of unstructured and multi-structured data flooding into our data centers, the relational databases we’ve relied on for the last 30 years are now too limiting and inflexible. New-generation NoSQL (Not Only SQL) databases have gained popularity because they are ideally suited to deal with vast volumes of diverse data.

MarkLogic Was NoSQL Before NoSQL Was Cool

That means we’ve had over 12 years to build in the enterprise-hardened performance, security, and reliability that you expect from your enterprise database.

With MarkLogic:

  • Spend time building value, not building schemas and infrastructure. From rich indexes (including text and geospatial), analytic functions, and In-database MapReduce to visualization widgets and Application Builder, MarkLogic provides the infrastructure you need to deliver applications rapidly.
  • Leverage your existing skills and multiply them. Text, XML or JSON; Java, REST, XQuery or SQL; Point + Click application authoring or traditional IDE. You can use the languages and tools you already know and love to start building quickly.
  • Proven track record. In the last decade, we’ve deployed more customer-facing, mission critical Big Data applications in large enterprises than all the other NoSQL databases combined.

Everything You Expect From NoSQL

Manage Documents With Ease

Information that should not or cannot be disassembled into rows and columns – such as contracts, manuals, books, emails, tweets, and metadata – is ideally suited to the XML-based, document-centric model used in MarkLogic.

Schema-agnostic For Agility

Universal indexes allow loading information “as is,” thus avoiding rigid, predefined schemas. This is especially efficient for indexing and querying information with poorly defined, poorly followed, changing, and/or unknowable schemas. MarkLogic also supports information that adheres to a schema, so you can leverage the platform for all of your data.

Structure-aware for Better Queries

Users get more precise results by running queries that specify both text and structure together. The structure-aware indexes capture embedded meaning in documents, such as names or phone numbers, for more precise search and analysis.

Scales As Your Data Grows

As user load or data volume grows, MarkLogic’s shared-nothing architecture enables near-linear scaling on commodity hardware.

Hadoop + MarkLogic = Nirvana

Hadoop has become synonymous with Big Data. Add in the real-time capabilities of MarkLogic and you’ve got a match made in heaven. Drill down further into MarkLogic’s Hadoop integration to learn more.

Videos, Images, Audio…Load Them All!

In addition to XML and text files, MarkLogic supports storage of image, audio, video, application-specific documents, and other rich file formats. Metadata is extracted and stored to aid in search. Microsoft Office 2007/2010 files are automatically unzipped upon loading to extract the underlying XML.

Enterprise Features You Need

ACID Is Required

Transactions aren’t just for banking. Without ACID transactions, there is a huge burden to get things right at the very beginning of application development and data modeling. MarkLogic supports multirecord transactions and rich, multiterm queries — enabling application development to move much more quickly.

Big Data Search

Search isn’t an option when it comes to Big Data applications, and MarkLogic has had sub-second search included from day one. Learn more about MarkLogic’s Big Data search capabilities.

Always-on and Able to Recover When Disaster Strikes

There is no need to implement entirely new procedures and governance structures to manage data in a NoSQL database. Customers using Shared Disk systems can enable High Availability (HA) within a data center with local disk automatic failover. Shared Nothing High Availability is configurable, too. Journal Archiving with configurable synchronization enables point-in-time recovery against snapshots or from scratch. Asynchronous cross data center replication enables Disaster Recovery.

Government-Grade Security

For many applications, security cannot be delegated only to the application layer. Constraining the capabilities for each login, whether human or computer, to appropriate content and execution rights – must be implemented within the database engine. Without the proper access controls and certifications, privacy and security controls alone can derail or greatly slow efforts where the data has privacy or retention regulations. MarkLogic has the most advanced controls and certifications of any NoSQL database – and they are useable, at scale, without degrading performance.

Tools to Make Your Sys Admin Smile

Great tools for monitoring and management ensure that the IT team is just as happy with the platform choice as the developers. MarkLogic has rich APIs for management, including out-of-the-box interfaces link to Nagios and HP Openview. Basic monitoring can be implemented easily, and rich APIs are available for process automation. From managing access controls to database cloning and audit trails – there are documented and supported APIs to help you manage your entire system.