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MarkLogic handles the volume, velocity, and variety of data AND has built, tested, and deployed the enterprise features necessary to run at the heart of your organization.

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MarkLogic is designed for today’s data, helping you find answers in documents, relationships, and metadata by storing and managing XML, JSON, RDF, Geospatial data, and more. MarkLogic serves as an intelligent data layer, giving you the freedom to do more.

XML, JSON, RDF, Geospatial – Store data using a flexible, schema-agnostic data model, giving you the capability to store your data without up-front data modeling and the ability to run complex queries fast

Built-in Search – Load all your data in MarkLogic and have it immediately indexed and searchable. MarkLogic is the only Enterprise NoSQL database with built-in search capabilities, not bolt-on like other NoSQL solutions

Semantics – MarkLogic gives you the power to store and query linked data, including a native RDF Triple Store that can be queried with SPARQL. This provides the unique capability to query across any combination of documents, data, and triples

Real-time Intelligence – MarkLogic provides real-time logic in the data layer with semantic inference and alerting. Real-time alerts are provided as data is loaded, and the number of queries does not slow down performance


Enjoy the flexibility of NoSQL to integrate data, and deploy in any environment—whether using Amazon Web Services, virtual machines, or on-premise hardware. With the agility and adaptability of MarkLogic, you can build applications fast.

Scalable and Elastic – With MarkLogic you can achieve near-linear performance at Petabyte scale. You can scale up or down in minutes to meet data volume and access demands, while also avoiding over-provisioning and over-spending

Cloud Deployment – Forget “big iron.” MarkLogic runs great on commodity hardware and is certified to run on Amazon Web Services. Also, MarkLogic does not force you to fit data in-memory, nor does it lose key features as it scales

Hadoop – MarkLogic makes Hadoop better. MarkLogic can seamlessly run alongside the Hadoop ecosystem, acting as the database to power transactional applications while also giving you the ability to move data easily in- and out-of HDFS

Agile Development – Cut development time in half. With MarkLogic, you can integrate data across silos, cut down on lengthy ETL processes, and make development truly agile using a schema-agnostic database


MarkLogic is a hardened platform that is trusted to run mission-critical applications. It has higher security certifications than any other NoSQL database, and has uncompromised data resiliency with features that ensure you will never lose data.

Fine-grained Security – MarkLogic has Role Based Access Control (RBAC) at the document level, limiting access to those with the right permissions and privileges. MarkLogic also integrates with LDAP and Kerberos for third-party authentication

Certified Security – MarkLogic has higher security certifications than any other NoSQL database, carrying a Common Criteria Security Certification and being certified to run in PL3 and ICD 503 government IT systems

ACID Transactions – Don’t settle for eventual consistency. ACID transactions ensure your data remains intact and is a necessity if you are running a transactional application

High Availability and Disaster Recovery – MarkLogic has enterprise-class HA/DR using automated failover, database replication, and point-in-time recovery so that you can have confidence that your data is always available


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