Built-in Search, Not Bolt-On

MarkLogic is the only Enterprise NoSQL database with built-in search capabilities, not bolt-on like other NoSQL solutions. In fact, MarkLogic is the only database to show up in three different Gartner Magic Quadrants: Enterprise Search, Data Warehouse DBMS, and Operational DBMS. MarkLogic provides a single platform to load all your data into and have it immediately indexed and searchable:

  • Lightning fast, sub-second search results across all of your data
  • Scales to hundreds of terabytes of data and billions of documents
  • Full-text search across document contents with type-ahead suggestions
  • 30+ indexes that enable fast combination queries and unlimited, real-time alerting

Universal Search

Universal Search

Ingest your data as-is

Load XML and JSON documents, transactional data, social media, metadata, geospatial data, binaries, RDF triples, and more

Get real-time results

Document content and structure are indexed on load and immediately searchable

Ingest multi-lingual content

Load content in over 200 languages and get advanced support including tokenization, collation, and stemming for core languages

Sophisticated Indexes

Sophisticated Indexes

30+ indexes

Search is fast and relevant with the Universal Index, range indexes, reverse indexes, geospatial indexes, triple index, and more

Tailored to your content

Toggle the indexes you want on or off based on your content, kinds of queries that will be running, and your desired performance

Unlimited real-time alerting

Leverage reverse indexes for unlimited real-time alerts when new data is loaded

More Powerful Search

More Powerful Search

Robust full-text search

Search across all of your data using a word or phrase and rely on Boolean logic, stemming, wildcards, case sensitivity, punctuation sensitivity, diacritic sensitivity, and search term weighting

Type-ahead suggestions

See results as you type, including relevant suggestions for words and phrases

Discover co-occurrence relationships

Search for pairs or N-tuples of specified elements across disparate data sources

Search document structure

Not just content, structure too. Search for specific XML tags in the hierarchy of documents

More Relevant Results

More Relevant Results


Show a sidebar of aggregate counts based on categories


Return snippets of documents to show context

Highlighted search terms

Highlight search term or phrase in results

Proximity boosting

Push results higher based on whether terms are found in closer proximity

Relevance ranking

Tunable, document-level “page ranking” based on term frequency and other variables

Advanced Features

Advanced Features

Geospatial Alerting

Real-time delivery of new information and automatic categorization based on geospatial queries


Improve search by leveraging the power of linked data to connect disparate data sources and provide entity enrichment

Advanced Language Support

Tokenization, stemming, and collation for up to 16 major languages


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