Analytics & Business Intelligence

The only NoSQL database that can be seamlessly used with tools like Cognos™ and Tableau™ is MarkLogic.

Big Data opens up all kinds of potential for predictive analytics, competitive and customer intelligence, sentiment analysis, social media surveillance, and so much more. However, not every Big Data platform supports real-time Business Intelligence (BI).

Big Data Leads To Big Information

The only NoSQL database that can be seamlessly used with popular Business Intelligence (BI) tools like Cognos™ and Tableau™ is MarkLogic. Get all the benefits of Business Intelligence (BI)—data analysis, visualization, reporting—on top of an operational Big Data platform.

  • Leverage tools you know. Business analysts can now use tools they are familiar with to understand and analyze MarkLogic-based applications.
  • Gain actionable intelligence faster. Since MarkLogic is a real-time database, BI queries against it will always give you up to date results.
  • Gain deeper insights using BI. Because MarkLogic loves unstructured data, you can leverage full-text search as part of your query—unlike relational stores or EDWs.

Easy Path to Big Information

Instead of writing custom queries or purpose-developed dashboards, you can drive insight by using the BI tools you already have when you integrate them with your MarkLogic platform. The BI connectivity is the easiest way to gain insight into the business performance of your MarkLogic-powered applications.

Leverage Existing Tools & Staff

Your analysts can create and run reports in these tools over MarkLogic in exactly the same way they do over an Enterprise Data Warehouse. No additional training is needed. Since MarkLogic has its own Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) driver, no custom code or application-specific integration is needed.

Let’s Not Ignore the #1 BI Tool

The number one data analysis tool in the world is still the spreadsheet. While data scientists and business analysts might make use of richer BI tools, the majority of us still use good old Microsoft Excel. With the ODBC driver, you can easily connect Excel to your Big Data and start exploring.

Get New Insights From Your Data

BI capabilities let you explore both structured and unstructured information within a data set. Use MarkLogic-specific extension keywords, such as “MATCH,” to execute full-text search within a query. This can be used to find specific data within records, or to pre-select a subset of the database for analysis.

Real-time Your BI

Unlike an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), MarkLogic is a real-time database. Instead of querying and reporting on stale, extracted information, MarkLogic’s BI connection gives you results with up to the moment freshness. Analyze what’s happening now — not what happened yesterday.

MarkLogic Benefits

Markogic’s BI connectivity brings the power of familiar Business Intelligence tools to your MarkLogic-based applications.

  • Combining BI and NoSQL provides capabilities not available using relational stores and EDWs—real-time analysis and extended query features.
  • BI tools layer on top of MarkLogic’s sophisticated security model for sensitive data. Users see only the information they have permissions for.
  • Using popular BI tools such as Cognos and Tableau in conjunction with MarkLogic help customers learn more, faster, and understand their businesses more deeply.