MarkLogic is Enterprise NoSQL

MarkLogic is the only Enterprise NoSQL database, bringing all the features you need into one unified system: a document-centric, schema-agnostic, structure-aware, clustered, transactional, secure, database server with built-in search and a full suite of application services.

With growing volumes of unstructured and multi-structured data flooding our data centers, the relational databases we’ve relied on for 40 years are now too limiting and inflexible. New-generation NoSQL (Not Only SQL) databases have gained traction because they are ideally suited to address today’s challenges. MarkLogic is a new generation database that addresses the complexity of ever-changing data and content—providing better access to your data and enabling faster development of mission-critical applications without sacrificing reliability or security.

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Reimagine Data, Applications • CEO Gary Bloom

Solving Today’s Challenges

Eliminate Data Silos

Eliminate Data Silos

You can cut down on expensive data integration work by quickly ingesting all of your data as-is into MarkLogic — including XML and JSON documents, transactional data, social media, metadata, geospatial data, binaries, RDF triples, and more.

Use A Single Platform

Use A Single Platform

You should not have to worry about building and maintaining separate systems for transactions, analytics, and search. MarkLogic can perform all of those functions as a single platform.

Develop Applications Faster

Develop Applications Faster

Your developers should be as happy with the platform choice as the rest of the IT team. MarkLogic almost eliminates ETL processes and provides full-featured Java and REST APIs to make managing data and building applications easier.

Reduce Data Storage Costs

Reduce Data Storage Costs

You should have flexibility to easily move your data based on performance and cost requirements. MarkLogic has tiered storage so data can be easily triaged to Amazon S3, HDFS, SSD, shared disk, or local disk storage.

Better Secure Your Data

Secure Your Data

You should not be up at night with concerns about cybersecurity. MarkLogic has higher security certifications than any NoSQL database — providing certified, fine-grained, government-grade security at the database level.

MarkLogic Customers

Organizations around the world use MarkLogic to re-imagine their data, using MarkLogic as a transactional database, to deliver content and information, to store metadata as a data warehouse, or to simply consolidate their data in one place.

  • A Top-5 Investment Bank developed a global, real-time, unified view of derivatives trades. The 100,000 trades they process each day typically result in about 32 million live deals in the system at any one time, generating cash flow risks in excess of $100 million
  • The BBC and Press Association broke viewership and download records on during the Olympics — processing 25,000 transactions per second and delivering 2.8 Petabytes of data on the busiest day
  • The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services provides access to health coverage for millions of Americans through — validating eligibility requirements for insurance plan enrollment across multiple federal data sources and conducting thousands of transactions per second

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MarkLogic Features

MarkLogic is primarily a database, but it also has built-in search and a full suite of application services. MarkLogic can ingest multiple types of data that are immediately indexed for full-text search, and has REST and Java APIs to ensure developers can quickly and easily build a variety of applications.

  • Search and Query
  • ACID Transactions
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • Replication
  • Government-grade Security
  • Scalability and Elasticity
  • On-premise or Cloud Deployment
  • Hadoop for Storage and Compute
  • Semantics
  • Faster Time-to-Results

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