Your GRC Strategy: When Is Enough Tooling Enough?

How does your solution fare in today’s evolving regulatory landscape?


Global financial organizations are facing increasing demands from the business for more granularity, transparency, reporting, and security. If you’re on the IT side, you know this adds a different set of ‘mores’ to the equation: More duplication, delays, and people. What’s the net-net? More cost and more risk.

You can balance the scales to satisfy those demands. And it starts with thinking differently about data management.

Join our webinar with our financial services technology experts to explore the implications of governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) imperatives and learn:

  • Why data is at the heart of an effective and dynamic GRC strategy
  • Why technological capabilities used to enable standard GRC programs can reduce transparency and prevent you from gaining a holistic view of your data
  • A new approach to data can provide the business with complete transparency
  • Review a sample regulatory reporting architecture

Stop burning time on tooling and start building a dynamic GRC strategy that can handle evolving mandates, across multiple jurisdictions at less time and cost than you may think.