How Do You Model Data in NoSQL?

If you need to manage complex data or integrate heterogenous data you can do so quickly with NoSQL because you do not need to transform your data into a single schema. But can you still enforce a schema?


In this 60 minute webinar, we’ll discuss how MarkLogic’s Enterprise NoSQL database eliminates the tyranny of a single schema — but still provides the flexibility to enforce structure if you require it.

You will learn:

  • The terms: Schema on Read, Schema on Write, Schema Free, Schema Agnostic
  • How to Demystify Heterogeneous Data Integration with NoSQL — and how do you get data out
  • How to be more agile using MarkLogic, and avoid modeling all the data up-front
  • The “envelope pattern” approach for integrating heterogenous data, so you have a Data Hub or Data Lake rather than a bunch of data puddles
  • How to modify or transform data — on the fly and without ETL tools

Discover the freedom you find with a flexible data model.

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