Get Smart About Semantics

Semantics. The elegant approach to data modeling. Need we say more?


Data is all over the organization — in all sizes and shapes. Integrating data silos to get a comprehensive view is a frustrating and sometimes impossible task because traditional databases strip out context and do not provide any data modeling flexibility. This is a growing problem, and in fact, organizations report that the #1 impediment to big data success is having too many silos.

In this webinar, we will show the elegance and simplicity of an exciting new approach to data modeling, called semantics. Semantics focuses on relationships and context, and semantic data, “triples,” can be linked together to form a graph of hundreds of billions of facts and relationships. By leveraging the power of semantics inside a NoSQL database, organizations can build smarter applications because they start with smarter data.

Join our MarkLogic Experts as they introduce Semantics and discuss how leading organizations are using Semantics to better integrate their data, connect it, and search it at massive scale. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to speed up data integration by 10x
  • How to reconcile disparate, siloed data sources
  • Why semantics is gaining traction now
  • Best practices for putting semantics into production

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