Get Smart About NoSQL

Ouch. Those rapidly changing schemas can be such a headache. Why prescribe a relational database for multi-structured information when you can more quickly and effectively alleviate symptoms with a NoSQL database?


Our non-drowsy formula: In this free, 60-minute webinar, join MarkLogic experts in discussing how NoSQL remedies data consolidation, and how organizations of all sizes use Enterprise NoSQL to painlessly do the following:

  • Reduce the number of cycles associated with data modeling
  • Eliminate the need to know everything up front
  • Unify all data types, virtual or otherwise

Discover how easy it is to ingest multi-structured data from two different sources and build an application on the fly! We’ll write you a prescription for the dataset and a free license trial so you can try the data-doctor’s recommendation at home (or office, we won’t judge).

Can’t wait? View the webinar on demand now or sign up for a session below. Either way, you can ask all your burning questions via the webinar console and we’ll get you the answers you need quickly.