Using MarkLogic Semantics


Attendees completing this course will be able to:
  1. Use semantics in MarkLogic
  2. Describe what a triple is and where triples come from
  3. Load triples into MarkLogic
  4. Know when to use embedded triples
  5. Enable a triple index
  6. Describe what SPARQL is
  7. Write SPARQL queries
  8. Use functions and filters in SPARQL queries
  9. Specify the serialization of query results
  10. Write search and SPARQL combination queries
  11. Fetch and store triples from public repositories
  12. Write path expressions to traverse a semantic graph
  13. Implement inferencing
  14. Update triples and graphs
  15. Access additional learning resources

Course Units

  • Describe what semantics is
  • Understand semantics in use
  • Realize the benefits of semantics in MarkLogic
  • Access MarkLogic
  • Understand what a triple is
  • Learn where triples come from
  • Know the triple formats
  • Load triples into a database
  • Understand how triples are stored
  • Load triples through XQuery or JavaScript
  • Load triples through REST
  • Load triples through MLCP
  • Discuss when to use embedded triples
  • Load embedded triples
  • Learn how embedded triples are stored
  • Describe what the triple index does
  • Enable the triple index
  • Use the triple index
  • Explain what SPARQL is
  • Write a SPARQL query
  • Use prefixes
  • Use labels
  • Filter query results
  • Use SPARQL functions
  • Use aggregate functions
  • Execute SPARQL through REST
  • Describe SPARQL through Java and Node.js
  • Execute SPARQL in XQuery and JavaScript
  • Pass values into a SPARQL query
  • Serialize a SPARQL query result
  • Implement semantics in an application
  • Fetch public triples
  • Write a combination query
  • Use XQuery and JavaScript functions
  • Understand paths
  • Write a path
  • Specify an inverse path
  • Create an or path
  • Understand inferencing
  • Create an ontology triple
  • Use a path for inferencing
  • Use a rule for inferencing
  • Specify default rules for a database
  • Understand SPARQL update
  • Use INSERT DATA to insert a triple
  • Use DELETE DATA to delete a triple
  • Update a triple
  • Update an embedded triple
  • Update graph permissions
  • Clear a graph