Developing MarkLogic Apps II


Attendees completing this course will be able to:
  1. Configure and test Content Processing Framework (CPF) domains, pipelines, and triggers.
  2. Manage and search data across multiple languages.
  3. Implement schema validation.
  4. Manage unstructured documents.
  5. Extract metadata from and search unstructured documents.
  6. Use in memory maps to facilitate document joins.
  7. Implement a data model using modular documents.
  8. Implement Document Library Services applications to manage version control, including document check-out, update, check-in, and retention policies.
  9. Use registered queries.
  10. Create reverse queries and matchmaking queries.
  11. Create an alerting application.
  12. Use near query and co-occurrence search.
  13. Use geospatial search.
  14. Create and use a custom dictionary and thesaurus.
  15. Perform query tuning.

Course Units

  • Data Modeling
  • Content Processing Framework
  • Working with Content in Different Languages
  • Working with Schemas
  • Working with Unstructured Documents
  • MarkLogic Server Transactions
  • Joining Documents
  • Modular Documents
  • Managing Versions with DLS
  • Registered Queries
  • Reverse Queries
  • Matchmaking Queries
  • Alerting Applications
  • Co-Occurrence and Proximity Search
  • Geospatial Search
  • Using a Custom Thesaurus and Dictionary
  • Taxonomies and Ontologies
  • Entity Enrichment
  • Tuning Queries