Suspicious Activity Monitoring

Suspicious Activity Monitoring

Exploit more information and get better insights – and do it all faster and at a lower cost

Organizations of all types need to observe behavior, activities, and other changing information over time – and generate actionable intelligence that lets them intervene to keep their customers, the public, or their businesses safe from harm.

  • Law enforcement organizations perform suspicious activity monitoring as a foundational part of police and detective work
  • Financial services institutions improve oversight with “know your customer” (KYC), anti-money-laundering, and trader surveillance initiatives
  • National defense and security agencies “connect the dots” in disparate data to prevent terrorist attacks
  • Healthcare and insurance organizations look for potential claims fraud
  • Nearly every industry has teams focusing on cyber-crime and cyber-defense

In all cases, it is crucial to integrate data from a variety of heterogeneous sources – as fast as possible – and provide alerts on unusual activities to the people who need to know and respond. This task is hugely difficult with legacy relational database platforms, which require upfront schema designs and ETL processes.

The MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL database platform readily ingests, indexes and processes massive amounts of structured, semi-structured, multi-structured, and unstructured data. MarkLogic combines multiple indexing capabilities into a single platform including structured, textual, geospatial, statistical, and Semantics – to provide unique insights that no other single product can match. And, the massive-scale alerting capabilities in MarkLogic get information immediately into the hands of those who need it.

Organizations in defense and intelligence, law enforcement, healthcare, and financial services have successfully used MarkLogic to:

  • Achieve visibility across an ever changing threat landscape
  • Proactively find the needles in the haystack
  • Simplify infrastructure and reduce their TCO
  • Deliver tangible results in weeks or months
  • Minimize or eliminate costs of ETL
  • Create dynamic linkages across a variety of sources
  • Scale for any amount and type of data

These organizations rely on the power and agility of MarkLogic to integrate heterogeneous data across internal and external information silos – and find hidden relationships within the data. And, they trust the proven enterprise-class reliability and certified government-grade security to ensure the integrity and safety of their data.


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Scales out on any hardware environment, adapts as data changes and new data is added

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Load and manage any data and metadata – including text, geospatial, images, etc. without the pain of upfront data modeling

Use A Single Platform

Reliable Performance

Transactional consistency (ACID), high availability, and government-grade security

Use A Single Platform

Unified Platform

Avoids the complexity and brittleness that multiple applications carry

Develop Applications Faster

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