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Nearly one-quarter of website visits are to social networking sites. The volume of content and conversations from social media is growing exponentially. Organizations using MarkLogic’s advanced social media monitoring and analytics features are conducting real-time analysis of customer conversations, providing targeted customer support and identifying industry trends earlier than ever before.


Agile Social Media Analysis for the Enterprise

Social media is now the most popular online activity, but how do you find valuable insights in all the user-generated content on review sites and blogs, millions of Facebook posts, and billions of Tweets? MarkLogic Social Media Monitoring in conjunction with MarkLogic’s Enterprise NoSQL database analyzes all social media conversations in real-time, including dozens of attributes like influence, sentiment, volume, and demographics. It then detects actionable signals from the everyday noise and surfaces that information as it happens.

Users can drill down into conversations and understand drivers of positive and negative sentiments. They are also able to figure out what the most effective tools are, what needs to be discontinued because it doesn’t work, and what should be ramped up because it works. A good analytics system tells you where you need to focus. Brands are able to better understand and react to relevant activity, eliminating the need to sort through huge amounts of data.


Faster and More Flexible Social Media Analysis

With MarkLogic’s analytics system extracting and tagging data is fast and precise, enabling organizations to:


Because MarkLogic stores all content natively in XML, it eliminates the need for rigid data models. By indexing all content and semantically enriching it, users can search on the data and find relevant content instantly. An analytics tool should be able to show you trends in positive, negative and neutral activity, and enable you to drill down and see the actual comments. With MarkLogic you can see changes over time and correlate social media trends with the circumstances that triggered them.


Social Media Dashboard

Social Media Dashboard


Benefits of Using MarkLogic for Social Media Analysis

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