Search & Discovery

“MarkLogic dramatically improves the user’s efficiency by making the searching process much simpler and more intuitive. The end user is more efficient because the solution reduces the number of cycles needed to find the correct information.”

Search & Discovery Solution

As data explodes in the enterprise, precise search and discovery of information is needed for mission critical decisions. With sub-second search capabilities over billions of records and the ability for 100’s of thousands of simultaneous targeted searches, MarkLogic provides the most advanced Big Data search. With the only Enterprise NoSQL database, MarkLogic search solutions unlock all the data in your organization with sub-second speed.

Enterprise Agility

The exponential growth in data requires precise search and discovery that enables users to efficiently sift through information and gain access to critical enterprise assets for business insight and organizational decisions. MarkLogic search and discovery applications enable organizations to get valuable answers with the complete picture of their content and data, adapt as data changes, and provide real-time access for a competitive edge. Only MarkLogic, with our Enterprise NoSQL database, removes the complexity of traditional databases and search engine architectures and can power multiple search interfaces without having to pre-define and select data.

Faster & More Flexible

With MarkLogic, organizations can index and search data and content “as-is” from multiple, ever-changing sources – and create multiple highly tuned search interfaces for their users and customers, leveraging a single search and database infrastructure. By making every element of the data available for search without knowing the questions ahead of time, and executing searches in real-time, MarkLogic overcomes the barriers that make traditional search solutions limited in scope and slow to produce the business data they are searching. MarkLogic also enables organizations to remove the traditional complexity of connecting search solutions to databases because we provide search as part of our Enterprise NoSQL database.

Typical Search Environment

Traditional search solutions can require multiple versions of the data and search indexes to support different applications.

MarkLogic Search Solution

Only MarkLogic allows you to remove the complexity of database and search engine infrastructure and create multiple applications from the same search system.

MarkLogic Benefits

  • Access all your data and content without having to define searches up front.
  • Flexibly adapt as data changes and new data is added.
  • Search on information in real-time with zero search indexing latency.
  • Integrated search features including full language support and geospatial search.
  • Remove infrastructure complexity with a single infrastructure for multiple applications.
  • Eliminate the complexity of synchronizing search engines to database with search as part of the Enterprise NoSQL database.
  • Provide interactive, real-time visualization interfaces.

As the only Enterprise NoSQL database with built-in search, MarkLogic enables organizations to create search and discovery applications that access all their data and content – giving users the insight and information they need.


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