Research Management

Being able to find “nuggets” of knowledge within documents and instantly assemble into new assets allows rapid time-to-market of the highest quality research.

Due to increasing regulations and cost pressures, research departments in investment banks are challenged to transforming from cost centers to profit centers. A key part of that is being able to provide more relevant research in a timely manner. MarkLogic provides a platform that allows for agile and cost-effective authoring, search, assembly, delivery and measurement of analysts research resulting in newfound revenue streams.

Fastest Time-to-Market

Providing the most comprehensive and timely company, sector, economic and geographic insights to a global marketplace requires a distributed network of authors, analysts and data scientists churning out —and aggregating— content and data. Managing this output has been a cumbersome and manual process. A Research Management system built using MarkLogic’s Enterprise NoSQL database provides an agile way to create and distribute research.

Case Study
A Tier-1 Investment Bank built its research management solution on MarkLogic to speed delivery of targeted research. The Bank’s research and analysis team is comprised of nearly 400 research analysts across over 20 countries. It offers equity and fixed income research plus market and product-specific analysis for both the individual and institutional markets. With MarkLogic, analysts and authors can create, discover, share, and leverage that knowledge in record speed. More users are served with less infrastructure requirements. The single platform reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) by at least 50% over legacy technologies.

Repurpose Content Without Coding

Successful research management often hinges on the ability to harness and reapply that capital quickly and effectively. But, these information assets typically are composed in many different formats and often are not easily located. When these elements cannot be found, the result is they need to be re-written from scratch – a process that’s both time-consuming and an unnecessary use of valuable resources. MarkLogic’s Enterprise NoSQL database can load all types of content in as-is and stores all assets in XML – allowing for easy search and discovery of relevant components. This allows easy re-assembly into new assets – that can be delivered via any channel.

Benefits of Using MarkLogic for Research Management

MS Word

  • “First to Publish” by reducing research development cycle from months to weeks, even days
  • Lower Costs by replacing multiple systems with one
  • “Componentize” content into standard elements to easily find and repurpose
  • Improves quality of investment research by enabling analysts and researchers to review more data in less time, as well as craft more thoroughly informed, better-documented analyses
  • Increase revenue opportunities by publishing more reports faster
  • Dynamically reassemble structured elements into new assets for delivery to multiple audiences and output types, including print, web, and digital devices
  • Minimize disruption and training by using familiar authoring tools such as Microsoft Office. Search, insert, track, and tag — all from within familiar authoring tools.