8 out of the 8 largest publishers in the world use MarkLogic to turn their content into revenue.

Solutions for Publishing

The world’s largest publishers are using MarkLogic to transform their businesses to digital-first organizations. By combining the flexible document storage of an Enterprise NoSQL database with built-in search engine and web services, MarkLogic provides innovation, time-to-market acceleration, optimized assets, and streamlined operations – turning your data into real revenue.

Enterprise Agility for Publishers

News outlets and corporate clients need precise content based around topics, locations, people, and things with combinations of text, images, and multimedia. MarkLogic provides the only NoSQL database supporting the reliability and features required by the enterprise. Our advanced capabilities provide support for massive scale and performance, enabling our publishing customers to build systems that can manage billions of data points and automatically filter according to organizational needs.

Faster and More Flexible Publishing Applications

Because MarkLogic stores all content natively in XML, it eliminates the need for rigid data models. By indexing all content and semantically enriching it, editors and producers can search on specific data and find relevant content easily. For instance, one customer’s news feed that used to take staff up to 79 days to create was reduced to less than 5 days effort after migrating to MarkLogic.

MarkLogic Benefits

  • Load and index all content types, including text, video, images, and user-generated content.
  • Reduce custom feed creation time by up to 100x.
  • Reduce operational costs by streamlining architectures.
  • Streamline production to allow for dynamic assembly of news feeds.

With MarkLogic’s Enterprise NoSQL database, publishers can manage all content – from all editorial workflow systems – into one data repository. This type of enterprise agility enables publishers to scale services and add revenue – without adding staff.


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