Open Source Intelligence

Customers using MarkLogic for Open Source Intelligence data management get better answers, faster, using 90% less hardware than competing solutions.

Solutions for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Defense, Intelligence, and Law Enforcement agencies that need to capture, store, and analyze the diverse range of ever-changing, high volume content from the world’s websites can rely on the high performance, scalable, schema-agnostic yet schema-aware capabilities of MarkLogic to deliver the information they need at a reasonable cost.

Mission Agility for Open Source Intelligence

Mission-critical intelligence systems within the Defense, Intelligence, and Law Enforcement communities are ideal solutions to be powered by NoSQL (not only SQL) databases. Systems that use Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) data to enable critical activities such as monitoring sentiment, uncovering details of terrorist activities, and finding the individuals who are planning and committing criminal acts need the mission-critical performance, security, and hardening only found in MarkLogic.

Suppose an agency needs to gather several petabytes of information from cyberspace for analysis. The complex collection of content entails billions of HTML documents in dozens of languages. This data needs to be compared with intelligence reports, public records data, and other valuable information in real-time. Sophisticated analytics features powered by MarkLogic could connect disparate information, enabling analysts and command staff to exploit the data through alerts, maps, charts, and other visualization tools. We provide the only Enterprise NoSQL database with government-grade security supporting the speed, performance, and consistency required by government agencies.

Sample Open Source Intelligence Application

Agencies can easily deploy applications to search and visualize open source intelligence by keyword or location with MarkLogic.

Open Source Intelligence Application

Faster and More Flexible Intelligence Applications

By being schema-agnostic, while being schema-aware, MarkLogic eliminates the need for rigid data models and enables customers to incorporate and leverage new types of content in days or weeks versus months or years. By indexing all content and semantically enriching it, analysts and other users can search on specific data and find relevant information easily without having to wade through the hundreds of links provided by traditional enterprise search tools. With MarkLogic, end users can perform iterative and ad hoc searches against streaming data sources.

Our advanced capabilities provide support for massive scale and performance, enabling our customers to build systems that can manage billions of data points, documents, and other content and provide real-time information and alerting to support mission needs. The MarkLogic architecture allows customers to quickly scale-up, on commodity hardware, to meet new requirements for data and query volume.

How Government Agencies Benefit from MarkLogic

As opposed to traditional relational technologies, MarkLogic has provided our government customers with the ability to:

  • Scale to TBs or PBs of XML content with near-linear, sub-second query performance.
  • Use 90% less hardware than competing solutions.
  • Rapidly and simultaneously load new data from dozens or hundreds of sources and make it immediately accessible to users.
  • Readily integrate with Hadoop, third-party filters, entity extraction tools, and visualization tools for additional data transformation and analysis.


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