Metadata Catalog

The National Archives & Records Administration relies on MarkLogic to maintain trillions of data points.

Metadata Catalog Solution

Organizations of all sizes spend enormous resources creating digital information – data that educates, entertains, and even forewarns us. Despite huge expenditures in products that help organize and store information, discoverability and ability to leverage that information still remains a very daunting reality. Except for companies who have turned to MarkLogic for an XML-based metadata catalog.

Metadata Catalog for Enterprise Agility

Whether it is the National Archives, large entertainment companies or even the Department of Defense, personnel are spending vast amounts of time hunting for the information and assets they need – costing companies resources, lost opportunities and revenue. A metadata catalog on MarkLogic solves all that. By providing a single view into a complex labyrinth of information systems, companies can discover, share, and leverage that knowledge in record speed.

One example of how to build a better metadata catalog is the MarkLogic DCGS Integration Backbone Metadata Catalog (MarkLogic-DIB MDC) which will revolutionize how  government agencies share, discover, and exploit intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance information. Similar organizations can leave legacy solutions behind for improved performance, scalability, and functionality with lower hardware costs.

Faster and More Flexible Metadata Catalog Solutions

The only Enterprise NoSQL database that provides the essential features for a metadata catalog is MarkLogic. Rich metadata is hierarchical in nature and may conform to many schemas. Only MarkLogic can maintain the integrity of those hierarchies, allowing for complex queries. Relational databases just can’t scale to handle detailed, structural, and disparate metadata. Only MarkLogic was built to handle Exabyte-scale metadata with varied schemas.

Metadata Catalog

Metadata Catalog

Benefits of Using MarkLogic for Metadata Catalogs

  • Information Discoverability – Index and search everything.
  • Accessibility and Longevity – The XML catalog allows records to be accessed and reconstructed, independent of any particular hardware or software, guaranteeing accessibility over time.
  • Efficiency and Speed – The highly efficient system offers sub-second query results.
  • Scalability – Handles volumes at Exabyte-scale.
  • Hierarchical Metadata – Keeps highly-nested metadata intact.

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