Search through millions of media assets in seconds and assemble them on-demand into custom packages with MarkLogic.

Solutions for Media

Monetizing digital assets in the media world means being able to quickly create custom collections in infinite formats for partners and distributors around the world. Leaders in the space are transforming the media landscape through dynamic digital content delivery and asset management built on MarkLogic. With the ability to load assets and metadata “as is” MarkLogic is enabling companies to streamline content packaging and delivery and generate billions in revenue.

Enterprise Agility for the Media Industry

Media assets are the sum of many, many parts – parts typically created in individual backend systems and not always discoverable by other departments. Traditionally, assembling these parts into assets that can be monetized has required hundreds of hours of manual search and retrieval, creating distribution delays or even limiting business deals all together. With MarkLogic’s Enterprise NoSQL database, media companies are able to take a Big Data approach to asset management – accumulate all metadata from the disparate systems for a single-view across all the creation silos — to streamline packaging and delivery.

Faster and More Flexible Applications for Media

As asset volume continues to grow, organizations require powerful search with sub-second capabilities that quickly retrieves relevant content through a single interface, eliminating manual searches. “Self-service” portals are built on top of MarkLogic to allow third parties to request assets and have them delivered online automatically. Because MarkLogic stores all content natively in XML, it eliminates the need for rigid data models. By indexing all content and semantically enriching it, users can search on the data and find relevant content easily.

Media Solutions

MarkLogic Solution

How Media Benefits from MarkLogic

  • Open up new revenue streams.
  • Mass customize – dynamically bundle assets on-demand.
  • Speed up distribution times by 85% – from days to mere hours.
  • Find assets that were previously undiscoverable.

Millions of assets can be sifted through and assembled into custom packages on-demand – opening up endless revenue possibilities.


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