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Get the agility you need to transform and innovate in a climate of continuous, unpredictable change

In the past 20 years, across nearly every media segment, there have been radical changes in user consumption and revenue generation patterns. These shifts impact every aspect of the business from product development and delivery methods to customers and prospects. Media organizations that successfully respond to these changes do so by transforming the business from format-oriented processes (i.e. book or movie) to creating and managing information for customized delivery over multiple channels.

MarkLogic empowers these organizations to:

  • Bring together data and content
  • Deliver information precisely
  • Simplify technology architecture

By enabling a complete, real-time view of your content and data, the MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL platform makes it possible for you to create and deliver new digital products faster with innovative approaches to metadata management and information delivery.


Simpler, Faster Data Integration

Increase Revenue

Open up new revenue streams based on new, customizable content delivery

Use A Single Platform

Distribute Faster

Reduce distribution channel creation effort by up to 85% – from days to mere hours

Lower Costs

Lower Costs

MarkLogic reduces time to market, management time and overall costs

Lightning Fast Search

Powerful Search

Not another add-on, our built-in search provides sub-second results

Use A Single Platform

Unified platform

Avoids the complexity and brittleness that multiple applications carry

Flexible & Scalable

Flexible & Scalable

Scales out on any hardware environment, adapts as data changes and new data is added