Mainframe to NoSQL

Mainframe to NoSQL

Skip RDBMS and ETL and say “yes” to big data and innovation, with a flexible enterprise-grade platform that reduces your TCO

The mainframe architecture has served the archiving, transaction, and system of record needs of organizations for an impressively long time.

However, in today’s big data environment, organizations are losing ground every day the mainframe remains at the center of the enterprise.

  • The maintenance costs for a legacy mainframe increase 10-15% each year
  • Skilled staff are harder to find, as only two universities in the U.S. teach mainframe computing
  • Data locked in mainframes is difficult to incorporate in new, innovative big data applications

In contrast, modern processing and data tools allow organizations to discover new value in their existing data sets – at a lower cost – with all the performance, availability, reliability, and security required for mission-critical applications.

Combining schema-agnostic MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL with Intel® Xeon® processor-based servers lets you safely migrate mainframe-based data to a high-performance, scalable, durable platform with ultimate flexibility to meet today’s needs for information applications.

With MarkLogic and Intel powering your data center, you can handle new data integrations and distributed workloads with lower management and development costs – and without the pain of ETL required by relational database technologies.

Organizations around the world rely on MarkLogic to power intelligent, high-performance applications aimed at analyzing data for better insights and also running crucial day-to-day business operations.


Simpler, Faster Data Integration

Lower TCO

Reduce engineering, operations, hardware, and maintenance costs in your data center

Use A Single Platform

Proven Platform

Transactional consistency (ACID), high availability, and government-grade security

Develop Applications Faster

Flexible & Scalable

Manage growth with a distributed data center architecture that delivers elasticity without downtime

Simpler, Faster Data Integration

Faster IT Delivery

Build out applications in days and weeks that used to take months and years

Use A Single Platform

Improve Insight

Link and analyze ALL available information without the pain of upfront data modeling

Develop Applications Faster

Mitigate Risk

Avoid complexity and brittleness with a unified platform that provides a 360 view of your data