Legal Publishers are delivering new products as well as repurposing existing ones in less time, with fewer resources, using MarkLogic.

Solutions for Legal Publishers

Legal Publishers are monetizing their existing assets by using MarkLogic to unify, manage, and instantly access their vast libraries. By combining the flexible document storage of an Enterprise NoSQL database with a built-in search engine and web services, MarkLogic provides innovation, time-to-market acceleration, optimized assets, and streamlined operations – turning digital assets into real revenue.

Building Enterprise Agility into Legal Software

Legal publishing assets are the sum of many, many parts – parts that typically are created in individual backend systems and not necessarily easily discoverable. Assembling these parts and monetizing them has until now required extensive manual search and retrieval, creating distribution delays or even limiting reuse all together. With MarkLogic, users have a single-view across all the content silos to streamline packaging and delivery. Legal Publishers are creating high value mix-and-match, custom products that generate higher revenue than the sum of the underlying content components. Our advanced capabilities provide support for massive scale and performance, enabling our customers to build systems that can manage billions of data points and automatically filter according to organizational needs.

Faster and More Flexible Legal Software Applications

Because MarkLogic stores all content natively in XML, it eliminates the need for rigid data models, which means an endless array of formats, data, and delivery channels are easily loaded “as is,” including associated metadata. Data unification enables MarkLogic customers to build applications in weeks, not months. Dynamic transformations and the ability to update and access information in real-time have enabled MarkLogic customers to grow revenue from content repurposing as well as create new revenue driving products.

How Legal Publishers Benefit from MarkLogic

Using MarkLogic, Legal Publishers are able to:

  • See all assets across the entire enterprise.
  • Mass customize – bundle together assets dynamically.
  • Reduce operational costs by minimizing search and retrieval times.
  • Streamline production allowing dynamic assembly of content.
  • Use 90% less hardware than with competing solutions.

With many products reduced to commodity prices, Legal Publishers need to develop custom content with speed. These products can command premium pricing, but if an expensive architecture is required to support them, revenue gains can be lost to higher operating costs. Leading publishers are using MarkLogic, the only Enterprise NoSQL database, to provide the infrastructure that supports powerful search and retrieval – easily enabling dynamic content transformations and delivery.


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