“MarkLogic provides the flexibility to handle big data – both in terms of processing speed as well as the flexibility of dealing with the specific content and format aspects that we deal with in healthcare.”

Solutions for Healthcare

The world’s largest healthcare organizations are using MarkLogic to enable information interoperability, improve search and analysis, and optimize drug and clinical information. By combining the flexible information storage of an Enterprise NoSQL database with a built-in search engine and web services, MarkLogic provides innovation, time-to-market acceleration, optimized assets, and streamlined operations – turning your data into better services while lowering costs.

Enterprise Agility for Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare organizations are always striving to deliver better services at a lower cost, and to reduce fraud, waste, and abuse. With MarkLogic, customers cost-effectively aggregate the complex, disparate, high-volume data found in the healthcare arena. This makes it easier to build applications that provide critical real-time information and analytics.

All healthcare organizations need to have data safeguards in place to ensure the minimum necessary use and disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI). With fine-grained privileges, role-based security, document-level permissions, HTTPS access, as well as validation in accordance with the provisions of the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) Common Criteria Evaluation and Validation Scheme (CCEVS) for IT Security, MarkLogic is the most secure NoSQL database in the world.

Providers and clinicians need an authoritative, longitudinal view of the patient across healthcare networks and inter-agency healthcare initiatives. MarkLogic enables them to break down silos of information and provide better reporting at the point of care with faster access to critical patient information.

Payers need to ensure provider and patient eligibility, and prevent fraud, waste and abuse. MarkLogic enables them to do this in real-time, with a flexible architecture that easily incorporates growing volumes and types of data and new risk algorithms.

Researchers, government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and device manufacturers need to aggregate data for patient populations and perform sophisticated analytics and reporting in order to support activities such as biosurveillance and clinical trials. MarkLogic enables them to deal with the volume, velocity, variety and complexity of healthcare information.

Faster and More Flexible Healthcare Applications

With features that enable organizations to quickly integrate and fully leverage all their structured, semi-structured and unstructured information – from claims data to physician notes to radiology results and more, healthcare organizations are increasingly turning to MarkLogic over other technologies. MarkLogic offers these organizations the scalability, flexibility, and reduced time-to-market that they need. MarkLogic makes it easy for healthcare organizations to share information because its XML-based data model fully supports the data exchange standards prevalent in the healthcare industry. With our unique architecture, organizations can create applications quickly that provide critical real-time information and analytics. As the only enterprise-grade NoSQL database, MarkLogic provides the data security and enterprise reliability healthcare delivery requires.

How Healthcare Benefits from MarkLogic

  • Bridge data silos to quickly and efficiently combine clinical and/or financial information from multiple locations without “ripping out and replacing” existing infrastructure.
  • Securely deliver real-time information to clinicians and providers, payers, researchers, and others with the need to know – without violating HIPAA regulations.
  • Check enrollment or claim information against watch lists or profiles to detect fraud in real time and proactively deny fraudulent payouts.
  • Develop applications in weeks versus months or years, and scale out on cost-effective commodity hardware.
  • Maintain metadata hierarchy in standard formats, e.g. HL7 CDA.


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