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Federal government agencies need cost-effective Big Data solutions that drive real-time analysis, situational awareness, and service delivery. MarkLogic enables government organizations to efficiently and effectively manage complex volumes and varieties of data to achieve mission success. Listen to an overview of MarkLogic capabilities and the benefits of using an Enterprise NoSQL database within the government.

Mission Agility

From keeping the nation safe to meeting open government objectives, Federal government agencies rely on MarkLogic to fulfill their mission needs in a cost-effective manner that meets budget requirements.

As the only government-grade security NoSQL database, MarkLogic delivers support for Big Data scale and performance, enabling our Federal government customers to build systems that cost-effectively aggregate and manage billions of data points and documents from numerous highly disparate data sources. MarkLogic delivers powerful query and alerting capabilities for streaming and unpredictable data.


Alerting Framework


Faster and More Flexible Government Solutions

Federal government agencies are the original Big Data creators and users. Much of this Big Data is unstructured, and MarkLogic was built from the ground up to handle unstructured data better than any other technology in the market – and integrate it with highly-structured data. With systems built on MarkLogic, agencies improve performance on unstructured information by as much as 100x (versus relational databases), and they can search and analyze petabyte scale data with sub-second response times.

Developers at Federal government agencies and their systems integrator contractors can focus most of their manpower on building mission-critical capabilities into Big Data applications, instead of building and managing data infrastructure – thanks to MarkLogic’s unique architecture. This increases the speed at which end users get access to the information they need, improving mission effectiveness while keeping projects on time and on budget.


Government Data Virtualization

With MarkLogic, your applications connect to a single data virtualization layer across organizational silos.


How Government Agencies Benefit from MarkLogic



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