State & Local Government

State and Local government agencies can manage their vital data and provide critical services to communities with MarkLogic.

State and Local Government agencies are responsible for delivering a wide variety of services to their residents, businesses, and visitors – from keeping communities safe to providing information on property data, laws, and other governmental activities. MarkLogic enables agencies to do more with less. We support secure information sharing, high performance data management and analysis, and open government and e-Government initiatives by providing a cost-effective method of integrating and delivering real-time information from multiple data sources to any platform.

Enterprise Agility

Government agencies looking to provide timely, accurate, complete, and customizable information to their employees, residents, businesses, and visitors turn to MarkLogic. With the only government-grade security NoSQL database, MarkLogic delivers support for massive scale and performance, enabling our state and local government customers to build systems that can cost-effectively aggregate and manage billions of data points and documents from dozens of sources. MarkLogic delivers powerful query and alerting capabilities for the wide variety of constantly changing structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data that agencies need to leverage.

Faster and More Flexible

Government agencies are the original “Big Data” creators and users. Much of this Big Data is unstructured information, and MarkLogic was built from the ground up to handle unstructured data better than any other technology in the market – and integrate it with highly structured data sources. With systems built on MarkLogic, local governments have improved performance as much as 100 times (versus relational databases), and they can search and analyze petabyte scale Big Data with sub-second response times.

Developers at government agencies and their systems integrator contractors can focus most of their manpower on building mission-critical capabilities into Big Data applications, instead of building and managing data infrastructure – thanks to MarkLogic’s unique architecture. This increases the speed at which end users get the information they need, improving mission effectiveness while keeping projects on time and on budget.

For example, when Fairfax County, Virginia wanted to save time and money and provide better service to their constituents, they utilized MarkLogic to develop and deploy a Land Use Data Warehouse that makes it easier to access real-time information about zoning changes, land ordinances & property history. The County uses MarkLogic as its secure, all-source repository with easy-to-use search, including a self-service web portal and smart phone application for County businesses and residents. The system was operational in only two months, and the County was able to lower their costs by shutting down mainframe systems.

MarkLogic Benefits

  • Integrate and share all types of information in new business applications.
  • Ensure data is appropriately secured and maintained with the only government-grade-security NoSQL database.
  • Rapidly deliver business applications to end users in days or weeks versus months or years.
  • Shut down expensive legacy systems through MarkLogic’s ability to provide data integration with modern technologies.


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